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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Also if you want a rundown on all her music videos and singles, this videography clip made by a fan is absolutely beautiful and so well done:

    It's definitely worth a view. It's uploaded in shortened & muted parts on YouTube, so I'd recommend watching it on bilibili.

    Hit this button under the bottom to turn off the comments scrolling the video:

    also if you want her videography in full I might be able to hook you up...
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  2. Hopefully this means you liked underrated bop Still in Love + certified jam Leavin' for Las Vegas, yes?

    Past<Future and Play are probably her best albums, so definitely check them out next! Though, assuming you went through the whole 3 discs of Finally, it's easier to listen to the albums of which's singles you gravitate most towards
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    GIRL TALK is my favorite song of hers EVER, so hopefully you'll give that song and the Queen of Hip-Pop album some love!
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  4. I've just heard the new songs from Best Fiction and 'What a Feeling' might be my new fave.
    Yes I liked both! Leavin' for Las Vegas really reminds me of Gwen Stefani.

    I just listened to the new songs on Finally since I saw some disagreements about how the re-recordings stack up to the originals. Think I am going to use singles to decide which to go to next.
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  5. Listening to Sweet 19 Blues today and... I'm glad she didn't continue with replacing all the singles with these weird remixes after this album. They're good, but it's so jarring and a little inconvenient to seek out the single releases to actually listen to the originals.
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    181920 is your friend <3
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  7. To avex or whoever has the rights to her music videos:

    If you got vids then you better put ‘em up!

  8. Put 'em up, one of her best songs and videos! A classic.

    I'm still curious about the version feat. Chilli.
  9. Big Boys Cry... her nursery rhyme serve.
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I really hope she makes a surprise appearance at either the Opening or Closing Ceremony at the Olympics.
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  11. Whew, the goosebumps at the mere thought.
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  12. With the controversy surrounding the Olympics in Japan, I'm not sure she would or should participate... But if she does, her divine appearance might cleanse the world from all diseases.
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  13. Queen shit.

    2003 was such a moment. She was going all in on her new sound and was experimenting left and right, bringing sass and attitude. That time was such a dramatic shift in sound and image and I feel really built the foundations for her later success during the decade.

    Imagine, first releasing Uh Uh with AI under SUITE CHIC:

    Then going into shine more:

    Then Put ‘Em Up

    THEN SO CRAZY and Come:

    And then cap it off at the end of the year with Style, containing the above and going even harder on the urban sound with tracks like Indy Lady:

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  14. Style is so underrated!
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