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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Are they going to pay for Dr.? And hopefully because of the Coke Zero tie in and her enhanced status due to the success of BF, avex will throw some money at the pv.

    You can't compare TRICK really, TABOO is brilliant but the rest is largely forgettable. The difference is that there is no way Namie will put out an album with roughly three good tracks on it. I don't know what is going on with Kuu; I love her but her past two albums could be condensed into one good one, and that would be nowhere near as fantastic as PLAY.
  2. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    *Her last three.

    She's gone to the shitter - I think Avex has stopped trying with her since that stupid pseudo-controversey. Even Taboo, which is quite good, is the type of song that doesn't typically chart well in Japan. BUT was the same way - great song but not a commercial success. She used to be good too. SIGH.

    At least Namie is rising to fill the void.
  3. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    At first I thought you were talking about Namie and gasped, because I think her last three albums were all incredible. Then I realized that you were talking about Kuu and I couldn't agree more. She used to be amazing. I actually think that Best ~second session~ was her best album, but Kingdom was downright atrocious in my opinion. She's just a giant marketing tool now instead of an artist. TABOO and BUT were great songs though, and she does still manage to put out some great music, but some of the album material is ghastly and it's largely filler.
  4. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Even with her choreography. She does it all softl, as if she's bored with it, but still hits everything sharply, if that makes sense.

    WILD is great, not digging DR. Good for her for experimenting though.

    And on another completely different note, I'm noticing how great 'Taboo' was/is.
  5. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Everything about Kingdom was good, with the exception of the songs themselves. Perhaps instead of making the packaging fantastic they should have focused on the songs a bit more!
    BUT and 愛証 are both wonderful, FREAKY is pretty good and a couple others are fine in context.
    On TRICK I seriously listened to it once, put 5 stars next to TABOO and This is not a love song, 4 next to Show girl and Driving, and have only half-heartedly tried to listen to the other songs a couple times since.
  6. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    I have yet to tire of TABOO and have been playing it regularly since it leaked. It is fantastic.
  7. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Bondingo, totally agree about BEST #2 - i actually really enjoyed the whole rolling out of the 12 singles too and the whole artistic direction behind the covers and themes of the videos was AMAZING. Secret and Best #1 were also very good. Her career has a very defined rise, peak, and fall. I listened to TRICK all through when it leaked, wondered if it was a joke, and only put on my iPod Driving and Showgirl. Showgirl has since been deleted because only the chorus has a good hook and frankly it's not worth it just for that. Though I must say that electro-breakdown on the middle 8 of Driving is really very good.

    As for Namie, girl needs to release an album already. It's been what? 2 years? That's 5 years in J-pop time. She rode out the glory of 60s70s80s for very long. I guess she was touring too but honestly I'm too far away from all that nonsense and could care less - Make more excellent music please.
  8. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    TRICK (which I think is quite good) is far better than Kingdom and a million miles better than the vile Black Cherry. I've only recently got into Kuu but you can clearly see a decline in her albums post Best ~Second Session~/Secret.

    As for Namie, you can see/hear a development into a better artists. I cannot listen to any of her albums pre-Style. Namie just keeps getting better and better.
  9. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    I'm convinced Dr. was written with a killer video in mind. It's simply too random and episodic to be a stand-alone pop song. It's like something from a soundtrack. And the lyrical reference to "Dr. Chronos" seems really odd. I'd be surprised if the video didn't fit this song like a glove. That would be its only possible redemption for me because at the moment it's a giant question mark, going from amazing at one section to WTF at the next.
  10. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    TRICK isn't so bad! It has two epics (Taboo and Driving, the latter of which really should've been the final single instead of Stay With Me) and a handful of other good songs - Just The Way You Are, This Is Not A Love Song, Your Love, Venus. It is fillertastic though... wasn't the artwork for the 12 singles from her second BEST amazing?!
  11. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    WILD is amazing~! love the vocal effects. DR is ok but taking atime to grow on me.
  12. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    I think I posted earlier that she's working on a new album to be released this year, probably druing the summer, after the end of the tour.

    And feel free to talk about Kuu in another thread. It's not like the forum was overloading with jpop related threads!
  13. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Bah! I was hoping "Dr." would be entirely like that atmospheric, disconnected bit they use for the ads.

    Haven't properly listened to "WILD" today, but I'm planning on a long walk around Soho (New York's, not London's) later today, so I can probably load that up to my iPod finally.
  14. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Oh good news then! Unlike many J-pop artists, her albums seem to have thought put into them and not to rely entirely on the strength of the A-sides.

    And I'm not sure the rest of the PJ community WANTS to be inundated with J-pop threads. I love J-pop but I respect the fact that other people don't want it rammed down their throats. This is a mainly English language music site. There's really nothing left to be said about Koda Kumi anyway haha
  15. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    First pics taken from the Coca Cola Zero TV Ad featuring WILD:





    Wet & sweaty Namie!
  16. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    She looks absolutely adorable. I very well may use one of those as my avatar.
  17. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    She looks stunning in those promo pics. Absolutely gorgeous.
  18. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Wow, I knew she could dance already, but that was really something. She's just amazing.
  19. Re: Namie Amuro - WILD/Dr. (New Double A-Side Single)

    Coca Cola Japan has updated their site with a new layout and press release featuring informations about the song, a short Namie interview, several new small pics and of course, the TV Ad.


    WILD was written by long time collaborator michico and produced by T.kura and michico (Their preivious works with Namie include: Namie's Style, So Crazy, Put'em Up, Girl Talk, Want Me Want Me, I Wana Show You My Love, My Darling, Can't Sleep Can't Eat I'm Sick Funky Town, It's All About You, Step With It, Hello,Should I Love Him, New Look, Rock Steady, What A Feeling) .
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