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Nanne - Livet Det MÃ¥ste Levas Live

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by davahu, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Anyone heard this from her new album? Its amazing! MAybe the production is a tad bit tinny, but I can't understand why she didnt put this for MF rather then Jag MÃ¥ste Kyssa Dig! Its great. Doesnt have a key change though, but one could have easily been added. Probably the best song on the new album.
  2. Just bought it from Itunes - it's great! It could have done well at Melodifestivalen, but it's very old fashioned. To be honest, I think she probably stood a better chance with Jag MÃ¥ste Kyssa Dig. It was a bit more modern. It did sound too much like her last MF entry though.
  3. Kom Hit is a fabulous 80's / 90's style track... a bit repetitive, but fabulous none-the-less...
  4. Whos the male vocal on the track, is it Peter...I think its sounds like a car crash between Funkytown by Lipps Inc and Filthy Gourgeous!
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