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Nanne writing new songs, back on stage

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by PopGoesCanberra, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. I have been reliably informed that Nanne will be performing at Melodifestivalen 2007 and that she's got a potential winning song!
  2. That's awesome news. Thought Hall Om Mig was totally a winning song. It just...didn't win.
  3. Yay!

    Hope she's packing her heels for some tottering action!

  4. Is this the woman with the weird boots somebody had in his avatar some time ago? Or was that Shirley Clamp?

    I guess Scoodle's later update supersedes some of the info in this article, but it could still be relevant. My translation is bad, but remember that the style of Swedish tabloids is quite terse. (Like the Icelandic sagas, or whatever.)

  5. I'm not sure that I like word 'rocky' in that article, but I'm sure if it's Nanne, it'll be schlager rock.

    This is Nanne:


    This is Shirley Clamp, I think this might be the picture you're being confused by:


  6. Nanne's back, back, back! Let's hope she gets revenge for the injustice of 2005!!
  7. You've got two reasons for not liking "rocky". One is that we don't like that kind of music here. At least many of us. (Personally I must say that reading too much PJ has sometimes made me want to play Motörhead at the highest volume for hours. Something that has been thwarted by me not having any such records in my collection. If anybody has some extra effective PJ antidotes, please tell me.)

    The second reason is that the English adjective doesn't really have the meaning I gave it. It's kind of funny how it's already been taken by other things - pertaining to stones and to-and-fro movements - long before the style of music was invented. Swedish doesn't have that problem - "rock" has always meant "overcoat", and you don't need a special adjective for "overcoaty". So I'm sorry about that mistranslation. But if somebody could mention the real adjective for rock('n'roll) it'd be nice.

    Yes, of course. I'm so ignorant. I think ShariVari said you played Swedish pop when I was at your place to see if I was the person you suspected I was. Which obviously I was - but you couldn't know that my knowledge about such music is lower than the PJ average, let alone yours. A bit embarrassing that, in that case. I hope you've got some idea of what I'm talking about here, or I misunderstood ShariVari completely.
  8. I think you mean me playing schlager pop at (dearly departed) Contact. That was nearly every time, if I'm honest. It surprises me when people say things like 'having a great knowledge' of Swedish pop. I never really think I do, I don't study it, I just seem to know a lot of random facts about Swedish popstars.

    I have a Swedish friend who thinks it is hilarious that I know more about his country's music than he does.

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