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Nao - And Then Life Was Beautiful

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Push, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. From what I understand, a distribution deal mainly focuses on helping the artist reach retailers, that means putting the music on streaming services and printing physicals. These may or may not include a budget for advertising the record - basically the artist does the music by themselves and gets help in putting it out there.

    A record deal helps the artist make the record from scratch; it gives the artist the budget and resources to make the music, from producers, to recording expenses, and also the marketing and distribution aspect of it.
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    FUCK I already feel like I know how impeccable this is going to be - I imagine they'll sound exquisite together. Yas!
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  3. Nooo way! I had no idea this was happening omg. I love NAO, she’s such a under-rated gem. This will be magical.
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  4. Amazing brilliant wonderful etc etc
  5. Ooh, this is a jam! Their voices together are like honey.
  6. They're in their D'Angelo Black Messiah bag and I love it.
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  7. A smooth, funky bop. I like.
  8. Thrilled she's back!
  9. Oh, wow... their voices weaving around each other as the track unfolds on that lush, sparkly production... a dream!
  10. Literally everything I could ask for a duet between these two!
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  11. A fucking VIIIIIIIIIIBE! This is such a luxurious end of summer jam. Their voices sound exquisite together.
  12. A great song.

    It would be very at home on Saturn, so hearing this is a recent track makes me think the album will be very much a continuation sonically - bring it on is all I can say to that.
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  13. Obsessed with this already - had it on repeat for the past 24 hours

  14. Whatever she comes up with, you just know it’ll be incredible.
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  15. Performances incoming!!
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    OOF Saturn is so good; Another Lifetime, Yellow Of The Sun, Drive And Disconnect, A Life Like This, Love Supreme - the range, exquisite!!
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  17. Saturn really ended up being one of my favourite albums released in the last decade. It was released about 8 months before I was turning 30 and dreading it and every song and each lyric just came down on me like a ton of bricks at the time. I don’t have the skill to put into words just how goddamn special and magical Saturn is. She made something so special that other artists spend their entire careers trying to capture.

    I was so lucky to see her perform the entire album at Somerset House the following summer just a month before my 30th and it really felt like a full circle moment for me. Gah, I love her.
  18. I saw this in Berlin without knowing what song she was going to do and I melted.

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