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Nao - Saturn (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Push, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Not exactly a recent discovery, but Nao (pronounced Na-yo) is an amazing artist just starting to emerge now. Her first EP was So Good, released in 2014, which included the fabulous title track featuring AK Paul. February 15 was released the next year, featuring "Inhale Exhale" and "Zillionaire" (the latter was the soundtrack to a Samsung ad).

    Most recently she ended up as third place on BBC Sound of 2016, and she is now touring the UK and Europe, as well as the US, alongside Mura Masa. In November of last year, Nao released the spectacular "Bad Blood"; earlier this year, the similarly amazing "Fool to Love" arrived too.

    On 22 May she announced the release of her debut studio album For All We Know, slated for a 29 July release. The record will contain production from GRADES and A.K. Paul, with the following tracks rumored for inclusion:

    • Bad Blood
    • Fool in Love
    • In the Morning (included in a recent tour video, posted on her Facebook, leading many fans to believe this is a hint of an official release at last)
    • We Don't Give A (you can hear this around 4:30 on this video, serves as the opening track of her tour)
    • Girlfriend (also performed on the tour, samples Prince's "If I Was Your Girlfriend")
    There's also an A.K. Paul collaboration, which was teased in a Facebook video she posted.
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  2. I saw Nao live when she supported Little Dragon a couple of years ago (she kept spelling out her name to the audience, it was really cute), and it was one of the few instances where the support act was better than the main act. Very promising.
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  3. I can't wait for the album. Her sound is very fresh and the two EPs were really good.
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  5. I need a Nao's album! She's crazy
  6. Fool in Love is really good! I'm not as captivated by it as much as I was with Bad Blood but it's certainly a grower.
  7. I have to thank Spotify's Discover Weekly because that's where I first heard Bad Blood and it's been on replay ever since. I absolutely love her voice. Fool to Love is great and I'm ready for whatever she has to offer!
  8. NAO is perfect! I am seeing her live in Berlin
  9. Wow, I just listened to a few songs she released and really like them.
  10. The album is great, but it's all about 'Apple Cherry'.
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  13. So incredibly excited for this one!
  14. Can't wait for this! Love the cover.
  15. Thank you! I actually saw it earlier but forgot to update the post. Words can't express how excited I am for this, and to eventually see her live (even though she's ignoring my country etc.)
  16. [​IMG]

    Hitting Annie Mac at 7pm.
    And the tracklist is out too, we're in for quite the mammoth:
    01 Intro (Like Velvet)
    02 Get to Know Ya
    03 Inhale Exhale
    04 Voice Memo 161
    05 Happy
    06 Voice Memo 162
    07 Adore You (feat. Abhi Dijon)
    08 In the Morning
    09 Trophy (feat. A.K. Paul)
    10 Bad Blood
    11 Dywm
    12 We Don’t Give A
    13 Give Me a Little
    14 Fool to Love
    15 Voice Memo 4 (Say Yes)
    16 Blue Wine
    17 Girlfriend
    18 Feels Like (Perfume)
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  17. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Voice memos hmmmm

    Sad about the lack of So Good.
  18. Listening to it now on Radio 1. Already amazing. More in the vein of Bad Blood.
  19. I love Janety track lists.
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  20. I am excited for this. New song is great!
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