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Nao - Saturn (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Push, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. DYWM could be a single, I wouldn't mind that, though I wouldn't mind if the new version of Inhale Exhale was pushed or Happy.

    You're so lucky! And yes, Trophy is a damn moment and a half.
  2. In The Morning is the one for me.

    Can't wait to see this album live.
  3. This entire album is flawless. NAO is a gift.
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  4. Yes yes yes, love seeing the love for this. There is so much to appreciate.
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  5. I'm embarrassed by my 0-100 turnaround within the last 2 pages.

    I am obsessed with this album. So fucking fantastic. It took a second to click, but it's all so brilliant -- a forward-thinking twist on some of my favorite childhood '90s R&B sounds. I really hope she isn't slept on.
  6. Still such an amazing record, my personal favorite from this year.
  7. Apparently there was an issue with the vinyl, and both discs are green. Should be getting sent out this week.
  8. Listening to Happy and Adore You back to back is really uplifting.
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  9. Has anybody been to see her on her current tour? I saw her in Leeds last night and she was both great and cute. The crowd were loving it and she was super grateful that people knew all of the words to her songs.

    This may well be my album of the year...
  10. We saw her here in Manchester. What. A. Show. I need her weave.
  11. She has hair to die for doesn't she?
  12. My countless prayers and candles worked, and she's coming to an alternative festival here in Portugal. I'm so fucking excited.

    It might be mine too!
  13. I have completely fallen in love with this album! Her voice is stunning and sends shivers down my spine, she's like this glorious sexy alien goddess and the lyrics are georgous and the production creates this amazing new world. I'm in love, this might be my album of the year (after Glory).
  14. This has been dead for a minute now, but some stuff has definitely happened, including the wonderful November night when I finally was able to experience a Nao show live. Front row, obviously, and it was exhilarating.

    In the Morning was released as the album's fourth single in the UK and paired with a stunning video:

    Nao's playing Coachella this Sunday and her concert will be streaming live on the festival's website, Channel 3 at 5:15 PM (PST). She's also working on a collaborative EP with many artists, and one track has already been done with The Internet, it's due this year apparently.
  15. In the morning is my favourite track from the album!
  16. Amazing tunes. Especially "Get to know ya, In the morning, Bad Blood, Fool to love and Girlfriend"
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  17. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    This album is still so fresh, her voice gives me chills. I hope her Brit nom will mean we'll get a new album in the not too distant future.
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  18. Her Coachella performance was amazing.

    I can see it coming out next year, but we'll probably have the collaborative EP this summer to tide us over.
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  19. She's also the cutest. I saw she was DJing in London but it was sold-out, I messaged her and she told me to remind her so she could guest-list me. I didn't go in the end, but still, queen.
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  20. The artist personally suggested guest-listing you and you didn't go? Was there an immediate death in the family?
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