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Nao - Saturn (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Push, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. That would be the only reason why I would say no to Nao. The definition of a crime, sis.
  2. I was tired.
  3. She'll be appearing on Mura Masa's new album:

    (and so is Christine and the Queens yas)
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  4. I'm just getting into this and I'm really enjoying it. Her voice is fantastic and I love how brilliantly it balances between throwback and modern.
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  5. I don't even have any words for this.

  6. Sounds like a remix?
  7. YES!
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  8. It sounds like an 80s R&B banger that could scalp us all.
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  9. Definitely a new song; the border shows lyrics of what seems to be the chorus:

    She's releasing new singles periodically, it seems, to tide us over until the second LP is finished. And I'm fucking ecstatic.
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    This week's new releases looks so stacked! Nao, the better Tove, MUNA - happy birthday to me!
  11. Nostalgia is so good! Been dancing to this for the past hour
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  12. Could only get around to post this now, but I'm still shaking and recovering from severe wig destruction. Mura Masa premiered his Radio 1 Residency show and included a new Nao song, which she teased back in August. The name is Gabriel and it's a sensuous, discrete affair, not to mention fucking amazing. Definitely different from Nostalgia, think Trophy meets Feels Like (Perfume); no word as to if it's from the second album. 30:00 onwards here. What kind of talent.
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  13. Very much here for a second album and could really do with some news soon.
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  14. New collaboration with Cosha:

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  15. She’s teasing a new single dropping on June 13th.

  16. YES! I’ve missed her, her voice and music are too good to not be constantly working.
  17. I squealed on a packed tube train when I saw her IG post! I’ve BEEN ready for new NAO music, there’s something so fresh and special about her.

    I saw her twice in 2016 and she was outstanding. Too many people slept on her debut album IMO, Girlfriend was one of the best songs of 2016!
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    2014 Moderator

    I'm ready! For All We Know still shines so bright, what a debut.
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