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Naomi Campbell on the Tyra Banks show

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by slimane, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. slimane

    slimane Guest

  2. Love this. Tyra has made it some massive deal and Naomi barely remembers.
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  3. mump boy

    mump boy Guest

    i LOVE this so much tear stained Tyra clears the audience goddess Naomi look on perplexed !!!

    Tyra 'and you said, i would never be you'

    Naomi 'you won't'

    i love the bit where Naomi mentiions somethign happening in her childhood and Tyra jumps on it trying to get all Barbra Walters and scoop a childhood rape or something

    Tyra may be a big TV star but she was never a proper fashion model, Naomi is a fashion legend
  4. One of my all time favourite TV moments.

    Tyra's having a breakdown and 'Omi just looks at her like she's insane. She has absolutely no idea what she's talking about.

    I LOVE Ms Campbell. What a goddess and 'Babywoman' really isn't all thaat bad.
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  5. mump boy

    mump boy Guest

    obviously now watching it again

    tyra: i don't think you understand how difficult this time was for me

    don't you get it love she doesn't give a shit

    this is all self serving for Tyra she looks ridiculous
  6. Tyra's ego is INSANE. She's a glorified tit model with a (in my opinion) fucking awful runway walk. Naomi is my hero. Just read her wikipedia page. AMAZING.
  7. oh i love this. Naomi is not having ANY of it.
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  8. slimane

    slimane Guest

    I KNOW. I LOVE the section on all her arrests broken down year by year!!!
  9. I absolutely ADORE this. Love Naomi and her refusal to acknowledge any alleged wrongdoing. Plus the whole underlying sentiment of "I was a supermodel so of course I mixed in different circles to YOU"... it seems that Tyra genuinely blames Naomi for all of her career failings and fall into the rut of FHM girl. Nutcase. The fact that Naomi is older and still regularly headlines high fashion campaigns (something Tyra knows nothing about anyway) must destroy her inside.

    I love watching America's Next Top Model because each series there's a Tyra story that is a thinly-veiled account of her alleged victimization at the hands of Naomi. Always begins with, "Once, there was a model who..." and detours into tales of abuse and bullying. Brilliant. I think she has an irrational hatred of anyone who had a career as a working model. See her attitude towards Janice Dickinson, Paulina Porizkova and even sweet Twiggy. Anyone who has been on the cover of Vogue is her enemy. If it hadn't been for Naomi, Tyra would have been on EVERY VOGUE COVER!!!!!! She did Company, you know!!!???Crazy. Bitch.
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  10. I love the bit where she insists that it wasn't getting fat that made her become a tacky swimsuit model but because she couldn't bare being victimised by Naomi anymore. You can see Naomi thinking "What are you talking about, I only saw you twice a year, you mentalist!!!".

    If you believe Tyra's own publicity you'd think that the proper legends like Janis, Twiggy and Paulina have nothing on her, Tyra was a 'supermodel' for a couple of in the early 90's (93-96ish) but then just started doing tat like calenders/Sports Illustrated/Victoria's Secret etc. whereas Naomi has always been a high end ubermodelling legend.
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  11. Agreed - it amazes me when on Next Top Model she'll go on about a model NEEDING to be able to model a swimsuit or present a TV Show, as if her career is the ultimate. I think most of the girls on the show would prefer to be involved in iconic photo shoots Tyra, or remembered as the muse of great artists. Not as a megalomaniac businesswoman. What is Tyra's artistic legacy? George Michael's video for 'Too Funky' and not much else, as I see it. And I think she's fully aware of this, hence her simultaneous defensive attitude and bravado.

    Isn't there a bit (I'm too lazy to find it) where she forces Naomi to apologize and Naomi's all "I'm sorry if I unwittingly upset you" and Tyra fires back with "I still don't feel like you fully take responsibility for what you did". Naomi just looks at her with the underlying message of "I'm only apologizing in the first place because you've put me in an awkward position in front of an audience of Pavlov's dogs that will pounce when you ring the bell! I don't even know what the fuck you're on about!" Amazing.
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  12. Whilst I worship the ground that La Campbell walks on I've never really warmed to her personality. This is probably because she has a truly horrible one but here her true Brit stiff upper lip is a thing of joy.

    I especially like how when there is no audience around she just looks perplexed and bewildered by Tyra's gushing incincerity but as soon as one arrives she does a 180 and starts being all chirpy and talking in therapy speech as if to say "Two can play at this game, bitch!!!"
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  13. Ha ha ha! Absolutely! I fully believe that Naomi did block Tyra's career aspirations, but not in a "you are my nemesis" way like Tyra hopes/wishes, more of a "you were one of many, so I can hardly be expected to remember the details" way. Which makes it even more cruel/amusing.

    Poor Tyra - she'll be hawking this story to her deathbed...
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  14. mump boy

    mump boy Guest

    i love it when she tells Tyra it's only fashion and there are more important things in life, to be condecended to by La Campbell must be infuriating for Tyra who brought her on HER show to humiliate her

    oh and recent work by them both


  15. Naomi's cold hearted bitch persona is the reason I love her. I'd hand her the jewel encrusted blackberry and tell her to go nuts.
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  16. I often wish Naomi would appear on one of Tyra's shows and hurl a phone at her head when she's in full 'inspirational speech' mode. A proper early 90s 'brick' of a phone too, just to give us a feel for Tyra's "suffering" at the time. Not that I condone violence or anything, but when, as already said by Mump Boy, you slyly invite the universally loathed (by the idiot general public, not we connoisseurs obviously) Naomi Campbell on to YOUR SHOW, populated by YOUR AUDIENCE and dictate the entire interview to try and make yourself the victim, clearly not having given her the questions in advance, and STILL come out of it worst off? You deserve what you get, really...
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  17. Exactly. It takes some doing to make La Campbell look sympathetic and yet somehow Tyra manages it.
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  18. Does anyone else think Naomi's magazine cover makes her look slightly 'Mommie Dearest' -ish?
  19. Absolutely. Naomi is an absolute ledge. I don't give two hoots about Mossy.
  20. I've never got the appeal of Kate Moss. She looks like the pretty girl in your class at school nothing more.

    Having met them both you could easily walk straight past her in the street. Naomi on the other hand is inhumanly beautiful.
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