Naomi Campbell on the Tyra Banks show

CarlSpackler said:
Campbell is the worst. Don't be fooled. I've had friends that have shot /photographed her and said she's a ^!#% nightmare.

That's hardly shocking and it's also part of her charm.

The fact that she is Naomi Campbell means she can be a total cunt and get away with it.

Tyra just comes across as a complete neurotic bitch, but I still never tire watching the interview.
I like Tyra for everything she has given us whilst laughing at her craziness. She is the providarrr of entertainment. And she does great stuff about gay rights imo

But I also love Naomi, she is someone who is really intelligent but cant seem to articulate herself as well as she would like which is exactly what I am like. She is also funny, and at 40 unbelievable looking.

I would say that Tyra exagerrated the "bullying", who knows - maybe Naomi was joking around with Tyra and Tyra thought she was being totally serious. There is also the element of alot of those early 90s models going partying together all the time, and Tyra being little miss perfect and not going with them - of course she was going to feel "isolated".
The funny thing is after this interview where they supposedly made up Tyra still made veiled attempts to some girl "messing with her money" on American's Next Top Model. She really needs to get over it.
I love this so much tear stained Tyra clears the audience goddess Naomi look on perplexed !!!

Tyra 'and you said, i would never be you'

i love the bit where Naomi mentiions somethign happening in her childhood and Tyra jumps on it trying to get all Barbra Walters and scoop a childhood rape or something
Just been watching this iconic TV moment again.

Why isn't Naomi a Dame yet???
Naomi's outright denial of the "you'll never be me" comment makes an interesting double bill with any clip compilation from The Face (British, American or Australian editions) where she frequently took the opportunity to say variations on exactly that to her fellow judges, who were chosen precisely because they were less famous and successful than she.