Naomi Campbell on the Tyra Banks show

Make it an Oscar bait prestige movie instead. Campbell/Banks.
Even better: a Pulp Fiction style two parter showing both perspectives on the story.

Part 1, Tyra's Story: a hard-hitting account of how Naomi ruined her career.
Part 2, Naomi's Story: Naomi swishes around at numerous shoots and catwalk shows looking fabulous. Tyra is a non-speaking extra, shown once and even then slightly out of focus.
1 - This video is titled as a 'Flamingo Walk' not 'flamenco'.
2 - Tyra Banks can't dance
3 - Did you see that side eye that Adriana gives her.
4 - Naomi doesn't need any gimmicks she gets an ovation just for appearing with a shady smirk on her face.