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Naomi Campbell on the Tyra Banks show

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by slimane, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. The campaign for Maggie Smith as Grace Coddington starts here...
  2. Even better: a Pulp Fiction style two parter showing both perspectives on the story.

    Part 1, Tyra's Story: a hard-hitting account of how Naomi ruined her career.
    Part 2, Naomi's Story: Naomi swishes around at numerous shoots and catwalk shows looking fabulous. Tyra is a non-speaking extra, shown once and even then slightly out of focus.
  3. Ryan Murphy should seriously do a Feud season revolving around Tyra/Naomi. It'd be a frickin hot mess and I'd be there for it.
  4. Why has this been moved to 'The Internet' forum?

    It's obviously one of the greatest TV shows in history.
  5. Agreed - if Making A Murderer can get its own thread, surely the best single documentary since Paris Is Burning Grey Gardens can have its own TV thread...

    We'll be the ones laughing when the full drama series is commissioned, mark my words...
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  6. Only if they can get both Naomi and Tyra to play themselves.
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  7. This is one of my favourite things on the internet.
  8. Fuck the internet.

    IT’S TV GOLD!!!

    Move this thread back where it belongs.
  9. HA!!!

    Christy, Cindy and Claudia all looking like the immaculate goddesses they are bathed in a golden light.

    Kate in a shadowy long shot to hide the ravages of time.

    Carla not getting the brief and doing a selfie!!!
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  10. 1 - This video is titled as a 'Flamingo Walk' not 'flamenco'.
    2 - Tyra Banks can't dance
    3 - Did you see that side eye that Adriana gives her.
    4 - Naomi doesn't need any gimmicks she gets an ovation just for appearing with a shady smirk on her face.
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  11. What do you mean Tyra cant dance ?!! Don't you know, she did a correspondence course with Roxana Suarez and is now considered one of the greatest tango dancers in the world.

    (In her own mind)
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  12. I'll always get a kick out of the fact her messy show won not one but two Emmy's for Outstanding Talk Show

  13. Besides her divaish behaviour at times, what a queen, a gorgeous person and such a strong personality and that beauty
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  14. Good god I love her so much
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