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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Season 2 EP is out on June 19th.

    1. Shoulda Known Better
    2. I Am King
    3. Better Run
    4. Just The Way You Like It
    5. Cardamom December
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  2. I Am King is an earworm bop.
  3. Back to teasing:

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  4. They delayed this a whole month and no one noticed...
  5. The EP is fantastic. Not a single dud detected, and Better Run and Just The Way You Like It are their best songs to date.
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  6. “Better Run” is easily their best song, what a chill banger.
  7. The only one I'm not feeling is I Am King. It's solid though, Shoulda Known Better is still the one for me.
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  8. Better Run is incredible. Hadn’t paid much attention to them before, maybe I’ll check their other EP out.
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  9. Yeah this EP is great. It's a step up from the last one.
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  10. They really fill whatever was left of the Sky Ferreira void in my heart.
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  11. Apparently there's a video for this. They chose the right song to be the next single.

  12. Really? I mean, I can see the similarities between their sound and what Sky was doing about 8 years ago, but they're such a vapid, unoriginal act. I don't see them filling any voids for me.
  13. I really just mean the lead singer sounds identical to Sky, and they actually release material.
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  14. Gabby is definitely the best part of this band. She has the "it" factor, and I love her voice.

    I was actually watching this Fickle Friends video recently from 2016 and was surprised to see her dancing in it. I didn't even recognize her until like a minute in.
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  15. The EP slaps. Better Run is a bop.

    I forget they've only been together a year or something, so seeing them figure things out in real-time is kind of exciting.
  16. Wow, the EP is really good! Way more memorable than the first one. Hints of HAIM in "Better Run" and "Just The Way You Like It" for sure.
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  17. Not them releasing the absolute banger Better Run when I’d just lost all interest in them. Haim meets Aly & Aj. I need to listen to the second EP, I hope it reignites my interest as much as Better Run has.
  18. The second EP is definitely a step up from the first but Better Run is heads and shoulders above the rest of the songs. Shoulda Known Better & Cardamom December we’re the stand outs. I’ll give it a few more listens to see if anything else sticks.
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  19. Better Run has been on heavy rotation since the EP came out.
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