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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. She's finally coming! Video has been filmed, artwork is being finalized, and she's been teasing the recording process for a while now. This will be her 5th studio album of original material, and her first after signing with BMG.

    I heard a single may be dropping early next month.

    Known collaborators
    • MyRiot (Rae Morris, Birdy, Hannah Grace)
    • The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr
    • Ashe Howes (Kylie Minogue)
    • Rachel Furner (Little Mix, Steps)
    • Catherine Marks (Alanis Morissette, Wolf Alice)
    I know there was some discussion in the general about the new album but it's her first original album in 12 years. It'll be fun to celebrate another era!
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  2. Do we know ANYTHING about the style of music?
  3. My Riot has a lot of alt pop credits like Hannah Grace and Birdy.

    However, I also just realized they produced Rae Morris' stellar sophomore album Someone Out There. That sound would actually be perfect for Natalie, so I'm hoping there's some similarity.

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  4. I love Birdy!
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  5. I’d personally love to see her go back to her roots and mix alt with more pop sensibilities.
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  6. Catherine Marks co-produced Alanis' last album which is the best album of all time, so colour me excited by her working with Natalie. If she can give us a Nemesis I'll die happy.

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  7. I am looking forward to her new stuff. Her last few things were bland, but she's had some amazing songs in the past. She is very underrated.
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  8. To my ears, Male is her only misstep. She's remarkably consistent, and the studio albums are basically bulletproof.
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  9. All of her original albums are great but if she could do something that rivals the brilliance of her first two? I can see my perfect wig is torn.
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  10. BMG is the perfect home for her new music. I’m ready.
  11. So excited to hear this!
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  12. The only thing I don't care for in her back catalogue is Male, and a covers album in any of my favs back catalogue pretty much gets overlooked. But all 4 of her original studio albums and b-sides are great (White Lillies Island being my favourite), I'm hopeful she'll deliver once again.
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  13. She's literally one of a handful of artists that has a near-flawless catalog. Can't wait!
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  14. I've never really bothered with her debut outside of the singles so I bought it the other day and will be diving in soon. I forgot how many different bonuses there were though.
    Also, it might just be the edition I got but City was listed as being over 9 minutes long? And Wishing I Was There was listed as Intuition and vice versa. Weird but nothing major.
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  15. Wishing I Was There was always originally track 10 on the album until they re-issued with the ‘not as good’ head shot cover.

    I’ve always much preferred it as track 10.

    City ends and then there’s about 5 minutes of silence and Left of the middle starts.
  16. Does someone from Official Charts read PopJustice?

    They posted this May 17th, which is exactly the list I posted!

    Also Natalie confirming we'll get new music next month.

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  17. Interesting title. lolz.
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  18. Raw? Is Nat gonna give us a bareback bottoming anthem? I hope so.
    I imaging we'll get at least one song dedicated to Max, which I'm fine with. A baby with the name Max Valentine deserves a song or two about them.
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  19. A shot from the new music video (could be an uptempo?)

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