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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. Any news on a tour?
  2. Ah I had wondered the other day if What I Feel Like was written about her son.
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  4. Invisible Things playlisted by radio 2 (unclear whether A, B, or C as they haven’t updated their website).
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  5. “What It Feels Like” has become one of my favorite songs of hers. Wonderful little tune.
  6. It's so strong. It should have been a single. I fear we aren't any more singles or push for the album now though.
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  7. Just Like Old Times and Not Sorry remain my faves. In other news, is she doing The Masked Singer? This sounds very much like her.

  8. That is 100% her on the masked singer, I would recognise that voice anywhere.

    Maybe the publicity from the masked singer reveal will lead to one more single from the album (just like old times or river would be my picks)? She’s booked into a lot of festivals over summer.
  9. Yes, definitely her. Also the clues about being in nature (she lives in the UK countryside) and being quite solitary. She also voiced a koala on an animated film, hence the last clue after the performance.

    Reveal and announce a tour!
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  10. I forgot how much I hate those judges when they comment on the contestants video and their guesses.

    But yes that is Natalie Imbruglia for sure.
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  11. Oh damn, I never got it but yeah that has to be her.
  12. If that is her then I need her to do a Jewel and record any and all the songs she covers for an EP.
    Also, being within groping distance of Joel Dommett? Lucky her.
  13. I love her voice. Especially when it is singing bops.
  14. It’s actually really nice to hear her singing upbeat pop, isn’t it.
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  15. Oh yes! At the EP.
  16. She does sound so good on an upbeat pop song. I just want her to have bops. Yes her album is a solid effort and I love her voice but there are no bops.

    I've never watched the Masked Singer. Does this show mean we can expect her to cover a pop song every week? If so, what a treat.
  17. Yes, if she stays in. The masked singer UK has a bad track record of voting out 90s female pop stars early (Mel B, Heather Small, Martine McCutcheon, Sophie Elis-Bextor, Kelis all went week 1, 2 or 3). But fingers crossed.
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  18. Not to get picky but Kelis' career barely grazed the 90s (Caught Out There was released early 2000), Gabrielle did pretty well and Mel and Sophie both completely tanked their performances. There's no real trend to speak of here. (Also Sophie's only 90s output was with theaudience, and I expect the proportion of this show's viewers who remember that band is in low single digits, if not fractions).

    Both previous series have been won by female popstars. No reason Natalie couldn't make it three in a row.
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  19. Fair points. And I really hope Natalie does well.

    I do think there is a trend with the studio audience not voting for most of the women (and I have no idea why). Apart from Natalie, the studio audience didn’t vote a single female singer through this weekend. 5 times in a row they favoured the male singer. And in all 3 UK seasons so far a woman has been voted out first.
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  20. I think she's the type who could end up doing well! I'm rooting for anything that gives her a spotlight + more performances.
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