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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. Collective top 5 is:

    1. Build It Better
    2. Just Like Old Times
    3. River
    4. What It Feels Like
    5. Maybe It's Great
  2. 5EBE92FE-C9ED-441A-AE8E-25677422ED62.jpeg

    Looks like tomorrow we will get to see Natalie dressed as a panda singing Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff.
  3. Hello everybody,
    I just gave Natalie's debut album a listen. I would really appreciate if someone can explain the meaning behind "Smoke" and "Pigeons and Crumbs".
  4. I remember reading Smoke was about her childhood and her parents divorcing? Not entirely sure.
  5. If it is her (and I think it is) what’s the significance of the TWDFL on the marshmallows in Saturday’s VT?
  6. It's a fairly established acronym for 'Things we do for love' - Not sure how that ties in to Natalie though. Mind you, most of the clues are so vague or convoluted that I'm sure it doesn't rule her out! (I think it's her too!)
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  7. agreed the clues are obscure. This is what this one refers to:


    Not sure what all the references to gazing at the stars and then becoming one was…apart from maybe watching Neighbours and then starring on it.
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  8. I don’t know if she’s ever explained either. I remember an interview where she said Smoke wasn’t about something bad happening in her childhood…?

    Pigeons & the Crumbs, I take as about her arriving in London and those few years between neighbours and her landing a record deal and feeling a bit lost. Just my interpretation though.

  9. Here she is performing Hot Stuff!
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  10. Nothing Missing has been played a couple of times on radio 2 in the last week so I think it may be the next single.

    Wouldn’t have been my first choice for a single, but glad it looks like she’s still releasing singles from the album.
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  11. I love her voice!
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  12. Looks like she is recording again.

    I'd love another album sooner than later but I'd settle for a song or two as well. Firebird remains a masterpiece.
  13. ^ I wonder if she's recording a covers EP like some of The Masked Singer contestants tend to do?
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  14. I'd love that. The one Jewel did was fab, for the most part.
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  16. Natalie is so adorable as Panda. And it's just so lovely to hear her voice singing these songs.
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  17. She seems like she is genuinely having a lot of fun.
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  18. And also really pleased to get through each week.
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  19. I really have no understanding of the basis of how you win this show, I’ve only seen bits and pieces. It can’t be a singing show because then why would you have good singers eliminated before non singers. It can’t be performance as those costumes are so bulky there’s no real semblance of that. I know it’s supposed to be fun, glad Natalie is at least on mainstream tv for a while anyway.
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