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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. This is very Radio 2-bait and exactly what she should be doing, really.

    BMG generally know what they're doing with these sorts of legacy artists now so this could be a great era for her.
  2. I await the various different vinyl formats coming. I plan to help Natalie pay for Max Valentine's entire education from nursery to MI6.
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  3. It looks like there's a vinyl and a deluxe CD package coming. No info other than that yet though.
  4. So good to have Nat back, her music has been a true staple in my life growing up, especially the first two albums. The new song sounds lovely and like a good progression for her, can't wait for the full record.
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  5. P__


  6. Same! Those first 2 records were so important to me growing up - especially White Lillies Island. It’s crazy how music can take you back to certain places and times.

    Great to have her back! The song is pretty!
  7. Love the look of the album cover! Can’t wait to have that beauty (on the fire) on vinyl!
  8. Liking the new song…does the verses sounds like in a lower key that she usually sings?
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  9. For a moment I thought she’d redone Diving Into the Deep End.
  10. I am loving the sound of the new single. I missed her voice so, so much!
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  11. Sorry for double posting, but what doc? And where can I watch it?
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  13. Exactly what I wanted from her!! I hope she gets coin for the preview streams cause I'm gonna make her rich! (Well, give her 7p anyway)
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  14. From the song titles that were mentioned weeks back in that Brazilian fan Twitter account a few of them match the official track list: Not Sorry, On My Way, River, When You Love Too Much.
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  15. It's also on my YouTube now:
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  16. It’s amazing that this is the first taste of original music from her in 11 years and she’s managed to perfectly nail having her signature sound remain while bringing it up to date and also not sounding like a carbon copy of what’s out there already.
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    All of the song titles that have made this album were registered some time ago.
  18. New single sounds superb, and the album artwork is quite stunning - it just screams quality. Good to have her back!
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  19. Playing White Lilies Island again in celebration of her return. Seriously, what a beautiful record. Time hasn't dulled a thing, it still sounds so good 20(!) years on. Easily one of my all-time favourite albums, and criminally underrated!
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