Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

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Maybe It's Great is screaming from the bottom of it's lungs to the corners of the universe 'I am a hit single!' It surely to goodness won't be relegated to buzz-track status when it so clearly deserves greatness in abundance? It also needs an extended version, coz those last 20 seconds where it threatens to go all out Ray-Of-Light-esque stratospheric are bliss multiplied.

Just Like Old Times wants to be a single too - perhaps with a light dusting of single mix glitter.

Shoulda been...

Build It Better
Maybe It's Great
What It Feels Like
Just Like Old Times
On My Way
What It Feels Like sounds like a hit to me. I know that’s not likely but it was the most instant track for me. I went into the album not knowing what the singles were and that was the song that stood out by miles. I was shocked it hadn’t already been a single.
Do we think another Firebird single is likely, to bridge the gap between now and the summer festivals/autumn tour?

(If so, crossing fingers for Just Like Old Times).
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