Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

With the UK tour coming up next month, what songs are we hoping are on the set list?

Do we think there’s a chance of That Day? Would love that + Left Of The Middle (the song).
I was hoping she’d perform Left Of The Middle in its entirety then some songs from Firebird then maybe That Day, Shiver, Wrong Impression, Shiver and I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t do Story of my life.
Never seen her live before so looking forward to seeing her Firebird really reignited me as a fan after not bothering after Counting Down the Days.
I wonder if she will actually consider some of the more obscure song requests. Other artists have done this but they usually always end up playing the same obvious singles. The only artist I can think of that actually considers fan requests is Tori Amos, but she varies the set list a lot to fit everything in.