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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. Does anyone remember how much level 1 tickets were at Shepherd's Bush by any chance with fees?
  2. I paid £40 a ticket then £6.75 a ticket fees and £2.75 handling fee
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  3. After all these years, I would finally like to know what throw the beauty on the fire actually means. Anyone?
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  4. !!!

    She's practicing What It Feels Like!!!

  5. Ooh merch! Seeing Natalie on Monday, looking forward to it!
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  6. Ok I have the answer for you here. Watch this low quality clip of her being interviewed on Graham Norton in 2002 and she explains the meaning at around 1:34.

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  7. Love how much fun she seems to be having.
  8. The merchandise looks great. And I hope she takes this energy and confidence and puts it into the next album.
  9. Excited to see what album tracks and b-sides she’ll be performing, roll on Sunday.
  10. Looking forward to seeing the set list after tonight’s first show.

    Keeping fingers crossed for Impressed, Left of the Middle, That Day, I Will Follow You Into The Dark, and Come September (I know, unlikely).
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  11. I hope she finally does Identify and Diving in the Deep End.
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  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I’ve got a spare General Admission ticket to the Wednesday show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire if anyone wants it.
  13. Brilliant show in Bristol tonight! Pleasantly surprised so see almost all the tracks from Left Of The Middle performed. Justice for Impressed. <3
  14. Can anybody share the setlist, please?
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  15. I went tonight, loved it. Natalie was really enjoying herself and sounded great. I can't remember the exact order but she did ten tracks from Left of the Middle, five from Firebird, other big hits but no Beauty on the Fire. She was on for about 90 minutes.
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  16. Captura.PNG
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  17. No Build It Better or Left Of The Middle?

    Pleased Just Like Old Times was there. Excited for Wednesday!
  18. Yes, she did both these too. And Leave Me Alone!
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