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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. Well that was such a good gig. Her voice is sounding fantastic and she’s clearly having a great time.

    Setlist the same as Monday’s but with Something Better added.

    Big Mistake was the surprise best moment.

    The only thing I would have changed would be to add That Day (and maybe Want)
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  2. She was so good!

    I was glad for What It Feels Like, but also feel the live interpretation wasn’t what I expected, but you win some, you lose some.

    Big Mistake is obviously a great track, but it actually fucking slaps live, massive standout.

    Firebird was very special also. I would’ve thrown in Maybe It’s Great for some more energy and variety.

    Still, an amazing evening and so fun. Hope she starts working on the next album soon if she hasn’t already.
  3. Wait, she performed a b-side?? Hoping we get this on Sunday, and also sort of hoping Maybe It’s Great makes an appearance.
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  4. I NEED video of Something Better. Has she ever done it?!
  5. She was brilliant tonight!! I've only ever seen the acoustic shows from Natalie so to see her with a full electric live band was wonderful. Setlist was pretty great (would have loved another hit in the encore) but to hear my fave album track from "Left Of The Middle" live ("Leave Me Alone") was such a moment. "Big Mistake" sounded BIG. Love an angsty Natalie. Such a great evening!
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  6. Was Something Better part of the requests section? Maybe those songs will be different each time or she will switch one out for another?
  7. She did it in the encore. Before singing it I think she said something about trying something different (but couldn’t hear exactly as I was near the back).

    Re requests, she mentioned asking for requests on Instagram and said the 2 getting a lot of mentions were Leave Me Alone & Impressed.
  8. We need the gays to be demanding asking for That Day and Beauty on the Fire.
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  9. When she tours her best album next.
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  10. I would be very open to an intimate, seated, the entirety of white lilies island from start to finish, sing-a-long cry-a-long tour.
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  11. Not to be that annoying person, but roughly what time does she get on stage at the show?
  12. Yeah I’d really appreciate stage times, been working all weekend so hoping to swoop in at the last minute, I’m knackered!
  13. At Shepherd’s Bush she came on just after 8:30pm - earlier than I thought she would. No idea if that’ll be the same at other venues.
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  14. Yeah it was the same on Friday of 8:30ish so I'm guessing it's a pretty set stage time.
  15. She came on a touch later tonight in Manchester, about 8.40. Crowd were really loud for the hits, and she remarked the loudest yet. But oh god were the cigs so ignorant during anything they didn’t know. Wolf whistles during ballads?
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  16. Absolutely fucking dead for Big Mistake though, weirdly.
  17. That’s odd, it was the biggest singalong song (after Torn) in London.
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  18. She was so amazing last night, the venue was packed and there was a great atmosphere, I couldn’t resist buying the black T-Shirt with the 1997 shot on it.
    Wrong Impression went down so well with the crowd, it’s good to see there is a big Natalie fan base and she knows this now.
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  19. I just came back from seeing her in Glasgow - the last night of the tour. Same setlist as the other gigs it seems but went down incredibly well at a packed venue. Being honest I wasn’t too excited to see her live but she absolutely won me over in minutes - what a stunning woman and an amazing voice. The tracks from Firebird sat well alongside the bulk of Left of the Middle. I would’ve liked On My Way (did that not do pretty well on radio?) and Counting Down The Days but otherwise spot on.
  20. I do hope we get White Lilies Island on vinyl. What are the chances, seeing as it wasn't a big hit album for her?
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