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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. @Dark Ballet to the rescue??

    Natalie has such a great back catalogue of b-sides, I honestly think she could benefit from a back catalogue reissue campaign, with expanded deluxe edition CDs and vinyl releases.
  2. Or a b sides and rarities album in full!
  3. I would love this. While not near the sales of Left of the Middle, I think it’s a really meaningful album for enough people that there would be good demand.
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  4. Really wanted to do this. It was no unfortunately. They may have their own plans so everything crossed!!
  5. Maybe for the 25th anniversary then but won't be until 2026.
  6. Considering how well received Firebird and the Left of the Middle tour/vinyl has been for her, and the fact she is on a bit of a resurrection of popularity, I'd hope Natalie sees that there is demand for more in the way of reissues from her. At the very least putting all her b-sides, bonus tracks etc on streaming.
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  7. I would be interested in a CD release with b-sides and other bonus tracks. I already own all her albums so a nice rarities release would be most welcomed.
  8. I just want the remaining albums on vinyl. If we're waiting on anniversaries, then it's going to take a very long time. She should capitalise on her popularity at the moment and aim to get them all out.
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  9. Yeah, Louise had all her singles uploaded to streaming before Heavy Love came out. Natalie's team should definitely do the same.
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  10. "Build It Better (KAT Remix)" out midnight.

  11. The remix is fabulous.

    Now give us Firebird Remixed with some of the Masked Singer covers Nat.
  12. My signed Left of the Middle vinyl has shipped! Very curious to see what number I get!
  13. Same, cannot wait to see it.
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  14. edit: Omg I just noticed my post number for the thread. That’s spooky!
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  15. Got mine too and looks stunning, playing it tomorrow morning. Mine is 342.
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  16. I noticed she tagged Daniel Johns, her ex-husband, on her Instagram story. Lovely that they're still on good terms.
  17. She is interviewed in the Spotify documentary on him. Definitely worth a listen.
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  18. Natalie is support for Jack Savoretti's forest gigs next year - she and Jack will be great together, so hopefully we get a duet out of it.
  19. Anyone similar?

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