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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. Getting a Radio 2 premiere tomorrow from around 7:50. Should mean it gets playlisted too.
  2. I hope it’s a grower. On first listen, it does nothing for me. She sounds great, but the song itself…so, so mediocre.
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  3. Townsend Music has what I assume the official website will have up at midnight. The artwork is pretty stunning!


    Blue vinyl, Deluxe Book CD, Deluxe Digipack CD, including a signed prints with two of the bundles.

    More about the album:

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  4. HQ stream

    It's cute I guess. The vocal production sounds a bit metallic/cheap but not on later Shania/Kylie levels. I don't know. It sounds like a latter-day P!nk song, which might be exactly what the label wanted from her for the album launch. Maybe it'll grow on me. It's easily her worst lead single nn.
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  5. Nat, no Golden!
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  6. I'm having war flashbacks. Hope the label didn't force a Golden era on her.
  7. I enjoy it, a great re-introduction and I've missed that silky voice on new material. I have no doubt the album will become another Natalie classic. Now we wait...3 more months, grrr.
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  8. Ugh this is gorgeous, I'm so excited for this album.
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  9. This fucking SLAPS
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  10. This is amazing.

    It sounds like an instant classic to me.
  11. It has her signature melancholy and it's reminding me of Adele's Water Under The Bridge? The melody also reminds me something Kylie might do. If this had disco pop production it could totally be Kylie song, actually. It's even more bombastic than I thought it might be. Not sure how I'd rank it amongst her other leads yet and I'm excited for the video to tie it all together.

    *eta* third listen, and yes. I looove this. It doesn't try anything super new, although the piano-driven sound is new for her.
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  12. I like it! This is my first original Natalie release as an in-tune fan so I'm really interested to see what she does.
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  13. The subtle thump this has. I am very happy! I know it doesn’t matter a whole lot, but I would love this to be a hit for her.
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  14. This song sounds precision engineered to appeal to a Radio 2 audience in 2021, and it’s incredibly effective. I hope that it and the album do well.
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  15. MB


    In love with the track, it’s very good indeed. I hope it does well for her! Like everyone is saying it’s radio 2 all over. I saw her a few years back and loved finally seeing her live (even if the venue was as hot as a bloody oven) so hope she tours the album.
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  16. It’s amazing. So happy she is back with songs like this.
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  17. I love this. Struggled with the last two albums but this is of ‘shiver’ quality

    Vinyl and deluxe signed ordered!

    Wow - she’s back!
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  18. I'm so fine with that. I really feared we would get an album pre-order but have to wait until early next year for it to be released...

    I heard the song this morning and the chorus was going around in my head soon after. I like it. I've pre-ordered the vinyl/CD/signed insert on her website too. Exciting times! I wonder when the video will be uploaded?
  19. Very good song, sounds like HER right away. Welcome back icon! Or shall I say Queen of relatable lyrics

    The piano sound is great. The chorus is memorable too.

    Artwork and title make it seem worth the decade long plus wait. Creative and inspired. Here for this

    Blue as vinyl is so awesome too
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