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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. Ahhh, this gives me so much joy. The song is glorious and the cover is fantastic. She never dissapoints!
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  2. That's a shame, though I do love this Rankin shot too.
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  3. She's doing an Insta live right now and mama still looks incredible. Italian genes, what can I say.
  4. With all the excitement of a new Natalie era, I've revisited an old playlist I created to cover her back catalogue, putting a thread through all the era's, divided into 3 sections, and I can't get enough. I know there are lots of great tracks left off (what was I thinking not including Come September?), but I wanted to keep it tight.


    Big Mistake
    Wishing I Was There (Single Version)
    That Day
    Wrong Impression (Radio Mix)
    Beauty On the Fire (Radio Mix)
    Counting Down the Days (Radio Mix)
    Instant Crush (Radio Edit)
    Build It Better (Newly added)


    Diving In the Deep End
    Pigeon and Crumbs
    Frightened Child
    Troubled By the Way We Came Together
    Just Another Day
    Shikaiya (For Billy)
    Hide Behind the Sun
    Standing There
    My Own Movie
    What's the Good In Goodbye
    Come On Home
    Be With You
    That Girl
    Against the Wall
    Wild About It
    My God
    The Summer
    I Melt With You


    Torn (Acoustic MTV Unplugged)
    Big Mistake (Live On MTV)
    Smoke (Martyn Phillips & Marc Fox Mix)
    City (Live In Barcelona)
    Beauty On the Fire (Junkie XL Mix)
    Shiver (Live from London)
    Glorious (Live from London)
    Want (Cassette Club Remix)
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  5. She was so cute. I loved that she couldn't figure out how to close it out.

    Sounds like the album will be varied! She mentioned big pop tracks, tear jerking ballads, underwater vocals. It's 14 songs, but she said there were 5-6 that didn't fit the "story" of the album that we'll eventually get to hear.

    I'm so excited. I can't wait to hear more of it already.
  6. Eviscerate me Queen.
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  7. Available now
    Firebird (Amazon UK Exclusive With Signed Insert)

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  8. The video reminds me a little of the unreleased 'That Day' video.
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  9. The song is so lovely.
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  10. It does sound like a Pink song, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I like it.
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  11. The song is nice and radio friendly but I can imagine there are a lot better songs on the album.
  12. Done right, this time.
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  13. I think it does in fact sound like a Natalie Imbruglia song, or is that only me??
    — sure, visually and going by the piano in the song, she must have followed the music scene & what had been going on... since Adele? but who can blame her, her footprints are still all over this including a more current approach. Well done. Can't say this sounds dated either. If she had released a copy of 'Shiver', the new generation might not have dug this, and she now needs those people just as well
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  14. I'm loving the new single! So good to have new music.
    And doesn't the album artwork look stunning! Preordered the vinyl and deluxe edition.
  15. 1999-2008 or 2011-present?
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  17. This is actually addictive as fuck. It's so light and the way it subtly layers and builds is really gorgeous. The vocals cascading in the bridge, the choir and adlibs over the last chorus, the way she raises the melody on the final "these lonely nights" - It really does give off triumphant opener vibes.
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  18. Unpopular opinion on here but I still enjoy Pink’s music, I could defo hear the current single in the chorus for this one, but I really like it/both.
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  19. I wouldn't say it's unpopular considering she still smashes with every era and is a huge talent. I stan. If only Nat had that drive! I also stan regardless and always will.
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  20. Don’t get me wrong I love P!nk and I like her new single, I was drunk / joking whether you meant fiery P!nk or tame P!nk, but it wasn’t funny and it’s too late to delete dd
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