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Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 16, 2021.

  1. Gotta love a drunk post.
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  2. The song is definitively tailored for radio, which is a smart move to come back with. I’m confident she’ll have more adventurous tracks on the record.
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  3. It's a nice song, but that's all. Generic and radio friendly, not stand out for me.

    The artwork and all around the visuals are really well done.
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  4. This song is a real disappointment. It's so flat, no climax, nothing interesting happening when the chorus hits. The production just isn't up to par.
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  5. whew I totally disagree and can’t get enough. I think it’s mainly her voice that keeps drawing me back. Nobody has her specific tone and it always gets me when she lets it rip

    Plus, I’ve had multiple Main Character moments walking around and listening to it.
  6. I love Natalie's voice. I'm not a big fan of those booming voices and big notes, I love tone and delivery in unique voices and Natalie certainly has that.

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  7. I’m loving this so much. It’s just so…Natalie. She has such a distinct sound and style that it sounds instantly familiar.
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  8. I agree, sadly. I want to like it so much, but it’s just so, so mediocre. Still holding out hope it’ll grow on me in time, but I can’t see it.
  9. The song has grown on me. The lyrics are beautiful but I wish the production was a little less mainstream. I know she wrote in Nashville and the production probably swings more towards country music than I would like.
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  10. I fail to see what is Country about this? Just because it has soft guitars in it doesn't make it Country. And generic is such a weird term for this too, it sounds radio friendly, like most of her music, but it's hardly a copy of what is currently out there.
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  11. It's not country. But it does just make me want to listen to Glorious instead.
  12. I've kept going back to Build It Better all weekend! There's something really warm and comforting about it, led mainly by her voice. It's so good to have her back.
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  13. So great to have her back, and she looks so much like Dannii these days.

    She is sounding great and strong, and the music video is cute. However, I am not feeling the song and it's rather flat and forgettable. I love the message in the song, but it's missing something I can't put my finger on. Maybe the hook and chorus are rather bland. It's not a bad song, but it's not a great song either.

    Welcome back Natalie
  14. Same here. There's a magical quality about her voice that time hasn't dampened, if anything it is given it more power and magic.
    I hope she tours this album, I'd love to see her live.
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  15. New interview!
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  16. As for the song I really like it. It suits her. It’s not cutting edge, but I never really expected that from her. It doesn’t sound particularly country to me. Actually there are different kinds of musicians not just country that live and work in Nashville. It’s a lot more practical to live there than in NYC or LA because it’s a lot cheaper, but still music focused with a lot of recording studios and a music community.
    The song actually reminds me of a more mature grown up Torn.
  17. People saying this is mediocre..? I... Perhaps you could call it a little middle of road perhaps but not mediocre.
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  19. To me it’s very mediocre. I have no issue with it being middle of the road or safe etc. It’s Natalie Imbruglia, not some cutting edge, experimental artist. I’ve loved so much of her work, but I genuinely just find this song incredibly basic. It doesn’t ever get going or soar melodically. Just my opinion! I’m glad others are enjoying it though, and I’ll still be getting the album and hoping for songs I’ll enjoy!
  20. All this recent promo just makes me realise how great Natalie is.

    I’m sure the first single is not the best cut on the album and it does come across as a soft launch so far.
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