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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by BlaBlaGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. White Lilies Island is her best.
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  2. It's flawless
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  3. White Lilies Island is one of the best albums of all time.
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  4. Dream vinyl press. I wish I knew how much it would cost to produce 500 on white vinyl. We'd crowd fund so easily.
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  5. White Lillies is definitely her best work and I believe it's the one that she's most proud of as well. I love all her stuff though, apart from Counting Down The Days which I've just never been able to connect with.

    I'd kill for deluxe versions of her albums. Not just because of her amazing B-sides, but also because she scrapped so many tracks over the years due to record label demands, there must be so much unreleased stuff in the vault.
  6. I've always had White Lillies Island in my collection (I remember actually buying it around the release of Wrong Impression I think), but I don't think I ever went past Goodbye on the tracklist when I listened to it.

    A few weeks back, I listened to the whole album straight through, and my god, I didn't realise how amazing it actually was going to be. I feel like I've missed out!

    I still think Counting Down The Days is my favourite of all the albums, as I think it was my first era I really took notice of her music?
  7. I’m exactly the same. Loved all her singles through Left Of The Middle, but never got the album until many years later, and never really played it through.

    White Lillies Island I’ve had for many years but never really been taken with it or played it (perhaps as it features my least favourite singles) - think I should give it another chance though whilst I await new material.

    Counting Down The Days I bought on day of release on the back of Shiver, and love it all, even now. So many catchy tunes in there (am singing Satisfied just thinking about the album).

    Also in love with the new tracks on Glorious, and hope someday we can finally get the would be album they were from before they went for a Hits Collection.

    Come To Life I was and still am disappointed with. There are some A+ tracks featured (the pop injustice of Scars not being the next big smash hit will never be righted) but as a whole it always felt all over the place with no real flow or direction in the tracklist.
  8. If Counting Down The Days didn’t have Sanctuary on it I wouldn’t make it to the end of the album.
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  9. I should re-visit Counting Down The Days really but it's always annoyed me that Natalie's worst album is her only UK number 1.
  10. I love all her work. Not a single track I would say I hate, or even dislike that much.
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  11. White Lillies Island is really the album I always return to. I love all her albums, but Lillies just has something so magical and entrancing about it.
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  12. Counting Down the Days felt very watered down after the great White Lillies Island but I do enjoy it, and it is home of Shiver, her “comeback” single.
  13. Oh wow. Sanctuary is the only Natalie song I could live without. It does absolutely nothing for me and kind of spoils the marvel that is Counting Down The Days.
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  14. I kinda never got the love for Sanctuary above the likes of Perfectly. But none are duds. Her voice can sell anything to these ears.
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  15. Sanctuary is THE bop on the album. Overall it’s quite a chilled album.
  16. You do realise Male exists?
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  17. Imagine looking forward to a new Natalie album and then getting Male.
  18. God to Eve when she didn't give Adam any attention.
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  19. I really like White Lillies Island but just whipped together a Natalie Top 10 and realized it's very underrepresented.
    Beauty on the Fire
    Slow Down
    Pigeons & Crumbs
    Wrong Impression
  20. Top 10 in no particular order:

    Wrong Impression
    Diving Into the Deep End
    Be With You
    Beauty On the Fire
    Troubled By the Way We Came Together
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