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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by BlaBlaGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Torn
    Beauty on the Fire
    Honeycomb Child
    Diving In The Deep End
    I Won't Be Lost
  2. I still think the one-two punch of Butterflies and Come September is one of the best one-two punches in the history of albums (not exaggerating here).
  3. Totally Agree. Butterflies is possibly in my top ten written songs of all time. It's so interesting. Nice to see some love for Troubled By The Way We Came Together, that is a brilliant tune. I love Shakiya so much as well, its so summery.
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  4. I'd forgotten that it existed! I can't bring myself to even consider it a 'proper' album.
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  5. I said ages ago I’d do a Natalie discography rate and then pulled out due to work and life and shit. But I’d still be up for participating in one, I just don’t have the patience to assemble and collate all the info and present it to the masses. If there’s someone more willing to host it then I’d happily join in because her discography is pretty amazing and one I know well.
  6. When I bought the album I remember obsessing over Butterflies so much, every listen was an out of body experience, so much so that I didn’t even realise just how good Come September is until a good 6 months later. You’re right, what a great way to end an album. The only song I’d get rid off on White Lilies Island is Satellite, it’s too light for the album, replace it with either Shikaiya, Just Another Day or Standing There and it’d be perfect.

    I’ve mentioned this before but a few years ago I tracked down all the singles and soundtracks and ripped them in iTunes to create a beautiful B-Sides and Rarities Collection, anyone interested I’m happy to share since these aren’t available on streaming or iTunes.
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  7. I did something similar too. Her b-sides are great. I think my fave is Standing There, and whilst not a b-side but a soundtrack song, Troubled By The Way We Came Together is another fave.
  8. Her management emailed me back and said they're actively looking into getting her whole catalogue on streaming. We'll seeeeee.
  9. I would absolutely love to have this, my collection is seriously lacking the B-Sides.
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  10. Perfect way to describe listening to Butterflies because that's exactly how I feel every time I listen to it. "My heart will be the bridge that you walk over"????? I mean the imagery and the metaphor and everything about the song is sheer perfection.

    And I'm totally interested in that collection!
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  11. Loving the love for Natalie. If anybody ever askes me randomly what my favourite album of all time is, and I mention Natalie, I get this bland look. I love how versatile music is. And I kind of love how Natalie is so underrated, but she deserves better...but an album would nice...
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  12. What's missing? I've just looked and quite a lot is on Spotify.
  13. I emailed about the US specifically. There’s no Come to Life, b-sides, Identify, Glorious.
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  15. This reminds me of when I went to her London gig a few years back. I was on the train from work to central London and a couple of colleagues were with me (but not coming to the gig). When I said I was going to see Natalie Imbruglia they kind of smirked and said things like “that’ll be a short gig with that one hit she had” or “will she just sing Torn over and over because she has no other songs?”. Heathens!
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  16. Me and my boyfriend are contestants on tonight’s episode of The Hit List and come out to Torn as we’d mentioned on the application that we were brought together by our shared love of Natalie. We tried to get them to let us come out to Beauty on the Fire but they weren’t having it!
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  17. I bopped to 'Want' yesterday, now it's on Spotify, and she does sound like Kate Bush on the track.
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  18. Not troubled by the way you came together!
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  19. Was Do You Love the planned 4th single from White Lillies Island?
  20. Cheeky fuckers.
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