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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by BlaBlaGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. And who knew you could improve on perfection with Beauty on the fires radio mix...
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  2. Listening to Come to Life loads recently since it's been uploaded on Spotify. I think 'Fun' really is one of her best. I always thought the line was 'I know it hurt like hell..when you caught me with someone' rather than 'when you can't be with someone'. This realization has changed the song completely for me and can't get enough of it.
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  3. @xOJakeXo are we any closer to getting Come to Life on US Spotify?
  4. Not that I know of. They know the demand is there so I hope they're working on it. Maybe we should start flooding Natalie's social media comments with emojis representing the songs until she finally caves?
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    Come to Life is on US Spotify!!!!

  6. Oh with a cheeky bonus remix too? @man.tis.shrimp can finally sleep!
  7. I'm glad we got Left Of The Middle on vinyl, it's a shame Music On Vinyl didn't do the others though.
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  9. MY HEART.
  10. Great news! I’m a big Natalie fan, but I never heard this. Really enjoying it. Scars is so beautiful.
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  11. It's about bloody time!
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  12. If only the original (uptempo) Scars had made the album. That was a fucking anthem. Seek it out on Youtube! A White Diamond-all-over-again scenario.

    Fun is a beautiful song. Very delicately uplifting.
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  13. I think I only heard this once but this rendition could have been a big hit for her! I never liked the album version. A shame they didn't release the superior version.

  14. "Twenty" really is a little masterpiece. That chorus is the stuff of legends.
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  15. I'd never heard this - wow, it's so much better with that production.
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  16. Wasn't she recording music sometime last year in Byron Bay (Oz)?

    Will we ever see these songs?
  17. She's posted quite a few photos and updates from the studio. The album is definitely due out this year. No idea which songs/collaborators will make the cut.
  18. She followed Kylie's route by working with songwriters from Nashville.
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  19. definitely...apparently, she has a new record new music later this year is a possibility.
  20. "Lukas" from this album was my jam of 2009!
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