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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BlaBlaGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Yes but it isn't on Spotify or Itunes. I am rubbish at upliading etc.

    I have all her B side cd singles so I could do it, just lazy.

    What are your top 5 B sides?

    1. always never
    2. tomorrow morning
    3. I've been watching you
    4. Hide behind the sun
    5. Diving in the deep end

    Also love That girl, standing there and my own movie.
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  2. I love sooo many of her b-sides. I made two compilations back in the day (burnt CDs!) that I hammered.
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  3. I did the same. I had all of them on CD single, but I wanted to listen to them all together. Good times.
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  4. I bought all her singles too, I made a B-Sides & Rarities compilation a couple of years ago, I still love listening to it, track list below (it doesn't include anything from Male era, if there is anything):

    Disc 1:

    1.) Sometimes
    2.) Frightened Child
    3.) Contradictions
    4.) Diving In the Deep End
    5.) Something Better
    6.) I've Been Watching You
    7.) Tomorrow Morning
    8.) Why
    9.) Identify
    10.) Troubled By the Way We Came Together

    Disc 2:

    1.) Shikaiya (for Billy)
    2.) Just Another Day
    3.) Always Never
    4.) Hide Behind the Sun
    5.) Cold Air
    6.) Standing There
    7.) Broken Thread
    8.) My Own Movie
    9.) Pineapple Head
    10.) Only You
    11.) What's the Good in Goodbye
    12.) That Girl
    13.) Flirting

    Disc 3:

    1.) Torn (Acoustic MTV Unplugged)
    2.) Big Mistake (Live Version On MTV)
    3.) Wishing I Was There (Single Version)
    4.) Smoke (Martyn Phillips & Marc Fox Mix)
    5.) Wrong Impression (Radio Mix)
    6.) Beauty On the Fire (Radio Mix)
    7.) Counting Down the Days (Radio Mix)
    8.) Shiver (Live from London)
    9.) Glorious (Live from London)
    10.) City (Live in Barcelona)
    11.) Beauty On the Fire (Junkie XL Mix)
    12.) Want (Cassette Club Remix)
  5. That is an awesome collection! Even eyeing it, grouping them by era really feels right from a sonic perspective. I love the White Lilies Island b-sides so much.
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  6. Add All The Magic and Apologies to that track listing.
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  7. Where can I find those?
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  8. I agree, I love the White Lilies Island b-sides too.
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  9. All The Magic was on a winx club soundtrack and Aplogies was a demo from the Come To Life sessions I think.
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  10. Thanks, I'll look into these, are they good?
  11. All the magic is perfect, really lovely song, shame it isn't officially out here. Yes I love apologies as well however you can ell its a demo, wish we had more unreleased/demos from her.
  12. I don't know Apologies. My B-sides album looks pretty similar to the one @AshtrayHeart posted but with All The Magic and no live tracks. I made Flirting a Come To Life track as it's such a short album. The Junkie XL remix of Beauty on the Fire is essential though!
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  13. I must track down this "All the Magic" tune, just heard it on Youtube and it's divine, sounds like White Lilies Island era!! The live tracks are included on what I consider a "bits and pieces" disc along with the single mixes which, were wrongly left off the singles collection! Agreed that Junkie XL remix is epic, sounds so Depeche Mode.

    RE: Apologies, if it's not officially released I wouldn't want to include it due to the song not being mastered / low sample rate.
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  14. Glad you like "All the magic" it is a lovely song isn't it. Not sure if it is available anywhere to buy.
  15. Hopefully I can find a HQ version of it online!

    Just bought the Japanese version of Come to Life for £10 on ebay, bargain!
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  16. With Flirting on? Just wish it was on Spotify.
  17. Yes Flirting is track 11, why that song was left off the album is beyond me, it's quite a short album, as another user said. I'm still yet to discover the magic of this album, fans seem to love it but I just haven't been able to get into it, but I haven't exactly tried.
  18. Come to life is one of my favorites by her actually. I adore WLI it is her most cohesive album. However I do think you have to be in a certain mood for it.

    Left of the middle is good, but there are quite a few tracks i can skip.

    Love Counting down the days quite a sweet love love type album.

    Come to life is a mix of all 3 albums but with elements of dance/electro, its tinged with sadness & darkness but with attitude (because of the break up) and songs like Lukas, Fun, Twenty, All the roses & wild about it are some of her best.

    I also love Cameo, want and WYUT (even though people seem to hate WYUT)
  19. 'WYUT' is the only Nat song I don't love.
  20. Really? I love the urgency of it and the woo hoo's
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