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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BlaBlaGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Funny, because for me it's the pre-chorus!

    This sky of gray is full of gold
    Could fill your heart and fill your soul
    I'll drink it up and take it slow
    I don't need anything else

    So beautiful.
  2. Scars is a bit legendary in the Natalie fandom for its original leaked demo, but I dunno if that version is really better, it's good, but quite pedestrian. I don't think the version we got is inferior, its such a beautiful song, maybe the slower version highlights that?
  3. We basically got the original scars incarnation within Be With You as the backing track/production is so similar, so we kind of got 2 songs out of it (Sorry 2 AMAZING songs) Be with you still goes awf!
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  4. Scars is my least favourite from the album along with Wild About It. The rest is all 9s and 10s tho.
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  5. MB


    Did the original version of Scar ever leak? The version she performed at that festival? Shame we never got the video she recorded either!
  6. I remember waiting for the single version to be released to see if it would be that earlier incarnation, but it turned out to be just a beefed up version of the album mix.
  7. This is pretty much correct. Though I do think both tracks are perfectly acceptable, they are the weakest.
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  8. Some artist should make a chorus with only the pre-chorus of Fun. The music and melodies are divine. I always wished the entire song sounded like that. It's so emotional.

    An alternative artist or even a pop girl should use that hook because it's golden.
  9. Be With You is right up there as one of her very best.
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  10. Also Flirting being a Japanese hostage was a crime.
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  11. Does anyone know where in this thread the list of all her songs (B-Sides/Bonus' etc.) is? I can't find it and I need to get myself on the YouTube to mp3 train this afternoon, I'm certain someone had listed them?
  12. Oh I found it, it's page 5. Does anyone know of anything missing?
    1. Something Better
    2. Cold Air
    3. Contradictions
    4. Why
    5. Tomorrow Morning
    6. Just Another Day
    7. I've Been Watching You
    8. Frightened Child

    10. Troubled By The Way We Came Together
    11. Diving In The Deep End
    12. Sometimes
    13. Shikaya
    14. Hide Behind The SUn
    15. Never Tear Us Apart

    17. Identify

    1. Broken Thread
    2. Always Never
    3. Standing There
    4. Only You
    5. What's The Good In Goodbye
    6. Pineapple Head
    7. My Own Movie
    8. That Girl
    10. All The Magic

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  13. ^ 2000 Miles
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  14. Didn't know this leaked?

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  15. I didn't know this was out either! Thank you for sharing it.

    She looks gorgeous but the video is pretty dull. Having a bunch of people stand around showing us their tattoos would be interesting if it developed into something, but apart from the initial animation on Natalie's body in the beginning, nothing really happens.
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  16. For a second I thought that her "Torn" haircut made a mini comeback. I still need to fully get into Come to Life, the lack of a UK release really did make this era uneventful.
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  17. I haven’t heard the original demo... is it “out there”? I do prefer the Single Version over the Album Version however. Should’ve been the next BIG Natalie single.
  18. Here it is:

  19. Massively back into Counting Down The Days again at the moment. Just a really lovely, warm album, perfect to listen to in the sunshine.

    Her voice sounds fantastic throughout and I feel like she sings with so much emotion on this record. Even though the tracks are objectively pretty straightforward sonically, her singing really adds so much heart to them. The vocal production is fantastic, it gives everything an almost cinematic feel; it's the kind of album that would work as the perfect soundtrack to various emotional movie scenes.

    Obviously the two singles were amazing, but these are some of my favourite album tracks - just stunning:

  20. I still want the original version of Perfectly to leak.
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