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Natalie Imbruglia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BlaBlaGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Amazing! She is such a natural beauty. Cannot wait for her new material. I've gotten used to the 5-10 year gapa between albums, she's more than worth the wait.
  2. Woah I have just seen that Come to Life is finally available on Spotify!

    When did that happen?
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  3. Two ish months ago, I believe.
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  4. Thanks for this! I haven’t been keeping up too well, so this was a nice surprise.
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  5. This! Yes please. It sounded fantastic, punchy and full of drive and with a slightly rockier feel to it which I always think suits Natalie down to a tee. I was so disappointed with the watered down album version we got. I’ve grown to like it but every time I hear it I still mourn the leaked version a little.
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  6. She emerges! She sounds fantastic.

    She asked for requests in the comments while she finishes the new album... which she also said we'd have to wait until the new year for.
  7. I do think it's smart for her to wait until early 2021. Release the album February/March time, live shows/tour in the summer.

    She sounds amazing (as always) and I'm really excited for the new material.
  8. I wonder what direction she’s going with this album. Would be nice if she released something new before next year even just a snippet.
    I remember she was working on the new album at the acoustic gigs she did about 2/3 years ago so hopefully it will be worth the wait.
    She seems to fall in and out of love with her music career so i really hope the new album is a success for her. Let’s forget Male happened, apart from Instant Crush of course!
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  9. I saw her Acoustic Tour in Manchester and totally fell in love with her all over again.
    She's so underrated. Deserves some more success.

    I'm still holding out for the original fast version of Scars to leak too!
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  13. "Standing there" was THE b-side of 2002.
  14. Grab those tissues... you're gonna get Butterflies.

    Maybe the album will be called Who Is Mrs. Morgan?
  15. Double post, but I somehow never realized how fantastic the new songs she included on the Glorious compilation are? Sonically, they sound like the perfect middle ground between White Lilies Island and Counting Down The Days. I love all four and it's a crime that they're not streaming.
  16. They were all fantasic, and ironically Glorious was one of my least faves of those new tracks.
  17. I absolutely adore Glorious. It's hands down one of my favourite songs- by anyone- to play in sunny summer weather. It NEVER fails to make me happy about life, it really is a burst of pure positivity.
  18. Were those four new tracks from the Best of originally from the abandoned third album? I feel like Natalie has always been dicked around by record companies and there must be some good stuff lingering in the archives. Deluxe editions please!
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  19. I mentioned on her instagram that I'd love to see White Lilies Island on vinyl and she 'liked' it. I don't know if that means anything or if she even has any say in the matter but it would be lovely to own that,
  20. Glorious is THE summer song for me!

    I'm liking all these IGTV videos of tracks she perhaps wouldn't normally perform. Hope they do a few more! Would love When You're Sleeping, and Sunlight!
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