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Natalie Portman - Vox Lux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by fierysadness, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Natalie Portman plays a popstar on the brink of a comeback in Vox Lux, a film from Brady Corbet. The film is absolutely amazing (it is not only a deconstruction of the concept of a popstar but also our fascination with them) and Natalie gave such a fantastic performance that was reminiscent of Madonna, Gaga and Britney at times. Natalie (and Raffey Cassidy, who plays a younger version of the popstar) recorded songs originally written by Sia for the film and those songs will be released in December. Most of the songs are unused, old Sia demos so they sound quite dated (which is the point) + Natalie doesn't have the best voice (also part of the plot). I do have to say, though, that Natalie was a very convincing popstar - there was a 20 minute performance sequence of Natalie's character performing a medley of songs complete with choreography and live vocals. This is the list of songs included in the film:
    1. "Wrapped Up" (Sia, Greg Kurstin) - Performed by Raffey Cassidy & Stacy Martin
    2. "Wrapped Up" (Sia, Greg Kurstin) - Performed by Raffey Cassidy
    3. "Alive" (Sia, Jesse Saint John, Grant Michaels) - Performed by Raffey Cassidy
    4. "Your Body Talk" (Sia, Chris Braide) - Performed by Raffey Cassidy
    5. "Hologram (Smoke and Mirrors)" (Sia, Fernando Garibay) - Performed by Raffey Cassidy
    6. "Blinded By Love" (Sia, Fernando Garibay, Miro, DNNYD) - Performed by Natalie Portman
    7. "Firecracker" (Sia, Alex Palmer, LEFTI) - Performed by Natalie Portman
    8. "Sweat and Tears" (Sia, Jake Troth, LEFTI) - Performed by Natalie Portman
    9. "Private Girl" (Sia, Stargate) - Performed by Natalie Portman
    10. "Wrapped Up" (Sia, Greg Kurstin) - Performed by Natalie Portman
    11. "EKG" (Sia, Al Shux) - Performed by Natalie Portman
    Two demos (performed by Sia) are available online:
    "Blinded By Love"
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  2. Screaming at her re-using Alive and Firecracker as song titles.
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  3. Sia dragging out Fernando Garibay is a scream
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  4. When is this album out? The two demos (and Fernando Garibay's credit) are giving me 2009 teas.
  5. I thought this was a legit biopic ddd
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  6. This looks incredible.
  7. I wonder if Hologram will be like Sia’s demo that reuses elements of Gaga’s PARTYNAUSEOUS or more like this acoustic cover from an episode of Transparent

    I’m surprised My Arena didn’t get pulled out for this.
  8. It's the same instrumental as the Sia demo.
  9. Am I really perched for another soundtrack album in twenty-gay-teen? Yes, yes I am.
  10. The storyline sounds so weird. It's like some twisted Britney-cum-Ariana by way of Gaga biopic.
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  11. Oh.
  12. 8 new Songs is kind of less than I was expecting.
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  13. When is this film/soundtrack out in the UK? I can only find the film release date for the US - not sure if the UK will be the same.
  14. I expect it will be around end of January/February
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  15. This is random AF
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  16. The kii if Gaga gets beaten to an Oscar by a soundtrack that will use the Partynauseous instrumental.
  17. Saw the movie at TIFF and I have to say that the music was the least memorable thing about the entire movie... and I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. That 20 minute performance sequence is when I decided to use the washroom.
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  18. Not Poppy and Natalie Portman resurrecting Fernando Garibay from the grave so he can thieve...much better Gaga songs.

    2018 is truly something.
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  19. Sia getting recycled elements from Partynauseous and recycling said demo for a soundtrack in 2018.........ARTPOP is truly a deep rooted curse.
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