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Natasha Bedingfield Discography Rate | #7 - Her declaration of independence

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Butterfly, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Nn I love Fashion. Fashion is my friend etc
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    Sweet Nothing

    Average Score: 7.54

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (fatyoshi), 9.5 x 1 (Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Scores: 5 x 1 (Epic Chocolat)

    Sweet Nothing leaves next, cutting Roll With Me's total to just 3 songs. Not sure how to describe this one, but it's somewhat in the same vein as Hey Boy (which I think is superior, but hey-ho). The chorus has sort of a classic feel that I could hear being synced in adverts to death. It has that familiarity to the point that I'm wondering if she accidentally plagiarised it or if it's just really good? It's not my favourite track, but it has managed to sneak it's way into the top 30.

    Oddly though, both our resident high scorers weren't feeling this particular track. pop3blow2 (7.5) finds the track placement doesn't do the song any favours (This album is running out of steam for me). RUNAWAY (6) just can't abide this rare display of cursing from Natasha (no thank you. Natasha cussing seems like...a decision that wasn’t hers. A decision that was needed to make her seem edgy. Whatever. I did not enjoy this song).

    OspreyQueen (8.5) on the other hand was very complimentary (This reminds me of Xenomania’s better forays into soul-pop, I really like it).

    #29 (joint)
    Roller Skate

    Average Score: 7.54

    Highest Scores: 10 x 2 (OspreyQueen, RUNAWAY), 9.5 x 1 (Remorque)
    Lowest Scores: 4 x 3 (RainOnFire, Sail On, Verandi)

    Remember 25 or so eliminations ago when we had a tie and I said it was the only one in the rate? Well... I lied - because we actually have a three-way tie here. Next to join is Roll With Me 'lead single' (and partial title track) Roller Skate. Whilst she had blessed us with many extras in the preceding few years, this was her first lead single in almost a decade. Thanks to I Wanna Be Your Babies' early fall at #74, this is her second lead to leave the rate.

    I have a particular fondness for this one, it's definitely my favourite from the Roll With Me project as I feel it captures the *Natasha Bedingfield does live instruments* vibe they seemed to be going for the best. The only shame is that they didn't lean into the imagery more, as a music video never materialised and the 'Roller Skating' theme wasn't explored past a (gorgeous) era-introductory shoot and that original album cover.

    Epic Chocolat (7.5) was entranced by this one (Weirdly entrancing).

    pop3blow2 (8.5) has me about to search up some Carlos Santana collaborations (Kinda fun. Sounds like it would’ve on one of those Carlos Santana duet albums in the 00s).

    RUNAWAY (10) seemed to wrap up their thoughts on the album in this song, maybe proving my point RE: it best encapsulating the album (really really enjoying how lowkey this album is. I don’t need anything bombastic to have a good time, and 15 years since her debut, she’s still killing it. This song is really a great evolution of her sound, and I’m totally on the stan train again).

    OspreyQueen (10) found the song to be a grower (I was lukewarm on this one when it came out, but it’s since become one of my favourites from her. It feels almost like a spiritual successor to Wild Horses with its timeless carefree mood).

    #29 (joint)
    Say It Again

    Average Score: 7.54

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (RUNAWAY, tylerc904), 9 x 2 (Butterfly, pop3blow2)
    Lowest Scores: 3 x 1 (RainOnFire)

    N.B. loses its second single in Say It Again. I actually had no idea until compiling commentary but apparently Adam Levine co-wrote this and has backing vocals? I had literally... never noticed. The song was a digital download only single in the UK, back when everything still got a CD single, it seems with minimal push - resulting in it failing to chart. It did get a cute video though, she was ahead of her time with the selfie shots.

    Verandi (8) was well aware of Levine's involvement (The least bad thing Adam Levine has been involved in. Basic but pleasant).

    RUNAWAY (10) thinks there was a missed opportunity for some US success for the track (this song is another perfect memory of my love for this album. And it’s from before Adam Levine became the annoying creature he is today, so I can still listen and love the song. They really should’ve pushed this in the US with how big Maroon 5 was getting at the time, but….there’s a lot of things they should’ve done promotion wise that they missed out on).

    OspreyQueen (7) gives a back-handed compliment (This is nothing special but I’m always down for Wistful Flutes™).

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  3. Not Sweet Nothing going before top 20.
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  4. They're all good songs but that's what we're dealing with now. We definitely got the lead single rankings correct.
  5. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I see we've entered The Mess Zone of this rate.
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    If You're Gonna...

    Average Score: 7.57

    Highest Scores: 10 x 2 (Sprockrooster, RainOnFire), 9.5 x 1 (DJHazey), 9 x 2 (myblood, Robsolete)
    Lowest Scores: 4 x 2 (fatyoshi, Epic Chocolat)

    If You're Gonna...'s time is up at #26. I think it's fair to say it's the oddest moment on its parent album? She goes a bit rock to tell us how *out there* she is, offering examples such as how she only drinks her tea hot or cold and that she likes chilli in her food. Like... OK sis, literally no-one asked! Joking aside, it's an interesting moment for Natasha. I particularly like the vocal delivery of the 'Not buying a chihuahua' and 'You gotta be a diva' lines.

    While searching for an audio video link just now, I discovered a Paul Oakenfold remix was included on the soundtrack of a first-person-shooter game called 'GoldenEye: Rogue Agent'. The YouTube upload of the track gets regular comments of people with fond memories for the track as a result.

    RUNAWAY (6.3) similarly loves her vocal delivery, but thinks it's filler otherwise (I do really love her vocal affectations here, but the song just doesn’t really go anywhere. The song would definitely work as like...track 8 or 9. The filler’s not supposed to be this early into the album).

    Verandi (8.5) finds the lyrics make up for the production shortcomings (A noisy mess but iconic lyrics. If you wanna be a DIIIIIIVAAAAAA).

    (7.25) writes the song off almost completely (This one doesn’t really work for me. A couple of ok moments, but really just forgettable noise for me).

    OspreyQueen (7) simply lives for the mess (Not a single line in this is not a mess and I honestly kinda live for it).

    Drop Me In The Middle (feat. Bizarre of D12 or Estelle)

    Average Score: 7.62

    Highest Scores: 9 x 2 (pop3blow2, vague), 8.5 x 2 (myblood, Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Scores: 6 x 2 (fatyoshi, RUNAWAY), 6.5 x 1 (tylerc904)

    Unwritten has no room to breathe tonight as Drop Me In The Middle becomes our next elimination. Two versions of the track exist, the original album version featuring Bizarre from D12 & a version with Estelle (as well as a new pre-chorus) from the North American edition & Japan re-release. The replacement of an American rapper with Estelle, as well as added references to Natasha's *Britishness* seems like a marketing decision for the US edition but I'd definitely say it's the better version of the song.

    pop3blow2 (9) is a fan ('featuring Bizarre from D12 & Estelle’ kind of sends me for some reason. This song always kind of goes off for me though).

    Verandi (8) spills the tea RE: women > men (The Estelle version is there to show you that changing the melody of the pre-chorus and having a female MC instead of a guy always does the trick).

    RUNAWAY (6) can't stand D-12 (the Estelle version is so much better. Anything that doesn’t make me think of the atrocity that was D-12 is great. The song is nothing special anyway though). A quick wikipedia run tells me D12 is a hip-hop group from the late 90s / 00s led by Eminem - ew. Fun fact? Natasha said during Roll With Me press that Eminem is her most desired collaboration. I think the one blessing of her (undeserved) relative commercial obscurity is that we don't have to worry about that happening.

    No Mozart

    Average Score: 7.66

    Highest Scores: 10 x 2 (DJHazey, RUNAWAY), 9 x 1 (pop3blow2)
    Lowest Scores: 5 x 1 (abael)

    Strip Me's No Mozart is our final elimination of the night. It's hard to tell whether she's coaching a man who is bad at relationships through love or reassuring someone who is nervous in bed? 'Your fingers know just where to go' would certainly be one of her cheekier lines if it is indeed the latter. A charming penultimate track nonetheless.

    pop3blow2 (9) clearly takes the former interpretation (I like these quirky Natasha tracks. This is a song straight-up pitching itself for a Disney movie soundtrack).

    RUNAWAY (10) thinks it's nothing short of perfect (love love love her vocals and the analogy of the song here. It’s a great rhyme scheme as well. Perfection~).

    OspreyQueen (8.25) manages to sum up 50% of N.B's discography (Cheesy as hell, but also adorable).

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  7. We visit 3 albums and an 11.
  8. Awww, No Mozart is gone too soon. Some of y'all hate an anthem about fingering and it shows!

    Good thing I remembered I'm yet to submit commentary for my 11.
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  9. Say It Again and If You're Gonna SLAP.
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  10. Not me taking the innocent route there! (though, to be fair some Disney stuff is subversive as fuck...ddd.)
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  11. Ouch a painful run. Suprised to see big bops go.
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  12. Aw to If You're Gonna... going but I was always worried it was going to be a bit be odd for everyone and figured it'd be one of those buried gems I love and nobody else does. Glad to see it get this far!

    No Mozart after kinda 'backlog' discovering Strip me a couple of years ago, has quickly become an all-time favorite song from her. That one hurts.
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Noooo If You're Gonna is iconic. Those should've all been in the Top 20, mess.

    I guess I can't complain too much though, considering 8 of the 10 songs I wanted to see out before we hit the Top 20 have left:
    I figured Love Like This would make it which is fine, I get why, but All I Need is barely her song? I didn't give it a low score but it certainly shouldn't have made it this far.
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  14. I actually kinda love the two Unwritten cuts, but I'm happy they at least made it this far. Drop Me in the Middle's a little basic, but let's not with that and If You're Gonna Jump picks up the pace on the album quite excellently after the first few tracks.

    No Mozart's a bit too light, while trying to be on the right side of cooky and it just never really succeeds for me.
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  15. Oh?

    Love Like This

    Average Score: 7.73

    Highest Scores: 11 x 2 (OspreyQueen, RUNAWAY), 10 x 3 (Verandi, Hurricane Drunk, vague), 9.5 x 1 (Butterfly)
    Lowest Scores: 2 x 1 (fatyoshi)

    Love Like This becomes our third 11 to leave the rate, this one belonged to @OspreyQueen & @RUNAWAY. The song had plenty of lovers - 11 of our 18 participants (ddd this was really a flop huh) scored the song at an 8 or higher - but unfortunately that wasn't enough to counter the hatred the song seems to illicit in some people. 3 people rated the song below a 5, this comes at a point in the rate where multiple songs had a low score of 6.

    It's easy to forget, but it was actually the lead single from Pocketful of Sunshine. It peaked at #11 in the US, becoming her 2nd biggest hit at the time, setting the stage for Pocketful of Sunshine's success. It was also her last proper single in the UK, peaking at #20.

    The song features Sean Kingston of 'Beautiful Girls' fame, who was something of an it-boy back then. There's also a remix with Lil Wayne because 2008.​

    RUNAWAY (11) makes no apologies for their choice of 11 (I really didn’t think I would give this my 11, but every time I even think of Natasha, this song pops into my head. It was such a moment when I would hear it on the radio in the US, and I really don’t mind Sean’s feature at all. The autotune is completely of its time, but Natasha kills it vocally here, and I can’t stop singing this song along with her. “When this life tries to keep us apart, you keep calling me back to your heart.” I think that’s beautiful, and y’all can call me basic for loving this song so much, but I don’t regret this. Yes, she has songs that have better lyrics, or better vocal performances, but the melody here is just inescapable and infectious and….my favorite).

    OspreyQueen (11) wasn't familiar with the track before the rate (This is an entirely new discovery for me because I’d never really bothered with this uhh, phase of her career, but I’m SO glad I discovered it now. Sure it’s tacky and the autotune is certainly a choice, but its datedness takes me right back to the latter-00s when I’d play Animal Crossing because I actually wanted to and not because I’d formed an emotional dependence on it. It’s exactly the kind of thing I need mid-quarantine).

    Verandi (10) loves it in spite of its flaws (Dated, basic, all too American but I don't give a fuck. It's a ray of sunshine).

    pop3blow2 (9) gets a 90s vibe from the track (This always reminded me of a great late 90’s sounding kind of song. So, it was either a glorious throwback in 2007 or horribly misplaced sonic leftover. I’m going with the former. The chorus does do on a bit too long at the end).

    fatyoshi (2) just can't stand it (Bleak. Some of the worst autotune usage I've heard in a song).​

    Not Givin' Up

    Average Score: 7.74

    Highest Scores: 10 x 2 (myblood, Remorque), 9 x 2 (RainOnFire, Robsolete)
    Lowest Scores: 4 x 1 (Hurricane Drunk)

    Next out is one of just two remaining N.B. album cuts, Not Givin' Up. The song was produced by Danja, which is evident, but the songwriting stays true to Natasha. There's definitely elements of the songwriting that feel like a bit of an experiment, as is standard for N.B., but things work well together here. The wordy-chorus is an album highlight.

    Verandi (6) doesn't seem too keen (A bit clumsy on the chorus. The vocals are quite grating).

    RUNAWAY (8.4) goes hard for the first verse (the first verse of this song has always stuck with me more than the rest of the song for some reason. I just….really love that verse).

    Break Thru

    Average Score: 7.76

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (RainOnFire), 9 x 1 (DJHazey)
    Lowest Scores: 5 x 1 (Robsolete)

    Strip Me loses another album track tonight as Break Thru becomes our final eliminee. It's another strong album track from what is maybe the most consistent album of her career? Kleerup handles the production to good results, but I wonder if the song would be improved had he been allowed to go full synth pop.

    Epic Chocolat (8) likes the violins (Here for the violins at the end).

    pop3blow2 (8) likes the song, but not the vocals (I like the track & song here. Parts of her vocal feel off to me though. Still a nice little moment on the album) whereas RUNAWAY (8.6) loves them (really liked the vocals here).

  16. No eliminations tomorrow, but I'll be posting the roundup of what's left in our top 20 - as well as revisiting the write-up for one of the tracks already eliminated due to a glaring trivia oversight of mine.
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  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I clearly did not see that coming (not complaining though!).

    Also mess at me losing a 10 and a 9 right before the Top 20.
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  18. Well my two potential 11s reached the Top 20 which is a little miracle considering some of the taste on display oop
  19. NOOOOOOOOO this was probably my only other 11 contender.
    Everything about this song is so amazing. And the production reminds me a lot of Britney's Hot As Ice. What's not to love?

    As for Love Like This... I kinda love the autotune? If it was a dance pop song, it would be "meh, predictable". But it's such a weird choice to go with a midtempo R&B influenced sound that it all somehow just works.
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  20. Perhaps not a massively in demand revisit, but I discovered / remembered that Jennifer Hudson actually recorded this song for her 2011 sophomore album, I Remember Me. Diane Warren announced she had 'written' a song for Jennifer, who had publicly dealt with the loss of her mother, sister & nephew just a few days after the release of her debut, though of course the song had been recorded by Natasha 4 years earlier.

    The production of Natasha's version has a much more rich & timeless feel, though, knowing what she went through, it's hard not to feel that Jennifer sells the lyrics better.

    Natasha's version was also originally recorded as the theme for 2006 movie Rocky Balboa. It was however dropped from the film - and the internet can't see to decide whether or not it did actually end up on the UK edition of the soundtrack.​
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