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Natasha Bedingfield Discography Rate | Winner revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Butterfly, Mar 19, 2020.

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    You Look Good on Me

    Average Score: 6.31

    Highest Scores: 8.75 x 1 (vague), 8.5 x 1 (RUNAWAY), 8 x 1 (fatyoshi)
    Lowest Scores: 3 x 1 (abael), 4 x 2 (Robsolete, Verandi)

    We break our long-weekend eliminations dry spell oops with You Look Good on Me, b-side to I Bruise Easily. We're definitely approaching that section in the rate where everything is good just not great, and I'd say this falls into that category. It's nice, but nothing special - the lack of commentary probably speaks to that.

    RUNAWAY (8.5) was positive (cute b-side. I’ve never heard this song before today, but I really liked it), Remorque (4.25) wasn't (This is infinitely boring).

    How Do You Do?

    Average Score: 6.34

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (tylerc904)
    Lowest Scores: 2 x 1 (Hurricane Drunk)

    How Do You Do? becomes our first album opener to be eliminated. The lyrics are standard Natasha fare, she's going to be *different* and make the first move even though society says that's weird, which... is cute enough? Sonically it's a little plodding and I don't know that it screams first track.

    pop3blow2 (5.5) gave one of their few below-average scores to this track (Sort of a mess of a song).
    RUNAWAY (8) associates the positive memories of the album's release with this track (I remember buying this album the day of release at the Virgin Megastore in downtown Denver, along with Amy Winehouse’s Frank, and that day always will stick with me...not because of NB, but Amy (sorry Natasha). This is a great opener to a great album though, and godddd I wish her stuff would just get unblocked from streaming worldwide).

    Still Here

    Average Score: 6.47

    Highest Scores: 8.6 x 1 (myblood), 8.5 x 1 (vague), 8 x 3 (Sail On, Robsolete, abael)
    Lowest Scores: 1 x 1 (Hurricane Drunk)

    N.B. loses another bonus track in Still Here. The song was written by Diane Warren and is one of just two Natasha album tracks not written by her. This one had a decent amount of 8+ rates but its placement was ultimately decided by the masses of middling scores. I like it, but there's little to make it a standout.

    pop3blow2 (7.75) was slightly conflicted over the track (This is pretty, I guess, if not kinda bland & out of place), RUNAWAY (6.7) seemed to be too (I do love a ballad, but this one just kind of left me...unsure. It’s a cute song, but the closing and hidden tracks afterwards are so much better. Oh god it’s Diane Warren….of course it is…….she can do MUCH better).

  2. Yes that's two of my least favorite songs from N.B. (6s) but there's two I scored markedly lower that now stand out like a sore thumb: Tricky Angel and When You Know You Know.
  3. How Do You Do is such a fun intro, did not deserve to go. I also think the weakest thing on N.B. is Tricky Angel, followed by Still Here and When You Know You Know.
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  4. You Look Good on Me was her last song left that I consider bad, so with only five of my vague top 30 out so far, the rate is going well, especially considering I have no idea what Bedingfields fan favourite tracks are.
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  5. Glad the duet with Lifehouse is hanging on.
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    Hey Papa

    Average Score: 6.50

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (myblood), 8.75 x 1 (vague), 8.1 x 1 (RUNAWAY)
    Lowest Scores: 4 x 1 (Verandi), 4.5 x 1 (Robsolete)

    Hey Papa becomes Roll With Me's latest casualty. Whilst it wasn't an official promo single, it was one of the first songs from the album to be premiered live & featured in the marketing/press for the record. Lyrically, the song is about the hell-scape that is the USA, Natasha's current home, written through the prism of motherhood (or, I suppose fatherhood? end those gender norms queen!). Sonically it's cute, but it is a tad white liberal 'omg the world is so crazy right now you guys!' without offering... any kind of solution/new take? But maybe that's a little too much to expect from Natasha.

    pop3blow2 (8) seemed obliged to score the song well, given the message (Kinda hard to drag this too much, the good intentions are there. Not really in love with chorus here). RUNAWAY (8.1) once again scores higher than their commentary would suggest (I like this song, but it’s kinda giving me...Mumford and Sons vibes and I’m not really into that anymore...).​

    OspreyQueen (7) felt the song and its message were kind of redundant (I’m sure she had the best of intentions writing this, but when it comes to incredibly basic takes on world events by privileged cishet white people…I’m good thanks).


    Average Score: 6.53

    Highest Scores: 8.5 x 1 (pop3blow2), 8.25 x 1 (vague), 8 x 2 (Butterfly, fatyoshi)
    Lowest Scores: 2.5 x 1 (RainOnFire)

    2015 promotional single Hope leaves us next. The song was released in collaboration with skincare/cosmetics brand 'Philosophy' to support community-based mental health organisations (with... 20% of the iTunes proceeds... ddd). Sonically the track is straight out of Strip Me, and the lyrics are typical uplifting Natasha. The release marked a 'return' for Natasha, who at that point had done very little post Strip Me, launching alongside a new promotional photo & logo (which she never used in the end) & hinting at the release of a new album which never materialised.

    I for one really love this song. Yes it shows no real progression for her, but she was very much in her element here. I also have some fondness for the memories associated with her 'return', since she had been quiet for as long as I had stanned her up until that point. I do wonder how far she got in creating the album that was supposed to follow this.

    Remorque (7.5) was touched by the track (Another song I'd never heard before doing this rate... I love the message and it actually really resonates with me due to... reasons). Epic Chocolat (7.5) wasn't massively impressed (Nice in passing), RUNAWAY (7) wasn't either (cute. Didn’t really do much for me, but it was alright).

    pop3blow2 (8.5) felt the melody could have been stronger (A decent bop with a bright message. Could use a slightly better tune, but enough here to like) and OspreyQueen (6) favoured the production over the lyrics (Lyrics are absolute dross but the production slaps a bit).

    Stepping Stone

    Average Score: 6.55

    Highest Scores: 9 x 1 (fatyoshi), 8.7 x 1 (RUNAWAY), 8.2 x 1 (myblood)
    Lowest Scores: 4 x 2 (abael, Hurricane Drunk)

    Stepping Stone, another of N.B.'s many bonus tracks, falls next. And whilst it was only featured on the Japanese edition, this also marks the first Pocketful of Sunshine track to leave the rate (the last album/section to lose a track).

    pop3blow2 (8) prefers the Duffy track of the same name (It’s no Duffy, but an completely acceptable song titled ’Stepping Stone’). RUNAWAY (8.7) thinks this deserved better than bonus track/b-side status (another great b-side/bonus track. She honestly should’ve just made this a whole 16 track album or whatever and made all of these album tracks. I hate regional bonus tracks so much it’s not even funny. Especially when the track in question is this good).

  7. I feel like I'm dodging land-mines everytime a Roll With Me song goes because some of my favorite in the whole rate are housed on that album.
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  8. Sorry for the delay in this posting... I'm aware these have been way too infrequent if we're ever going to get up to her best songs! Expect results with increased frequency next week.


    Unwritten (feat. Carney)

    Average Score: 6.55

    Highest Scorers: 10 x 1 (pop3blow2), 9 x 3 (vague, RUNAWAY, RainOnFire)
    Lowest Scorers: 2 x 1 (Epic Chocolat), 3 x 1 (SailOn)

    We begin an extras cull with Natasha's 2010 version of Unwritten featuring Carney, recorded for the final season of The Hills. It's not a bad rendition by any means, but with the immaculate original right there it's easy to forget this exists.

    Remorque (4.75) seemed to feel similarly (Okay, but why even bother though?).

    RUNAWAY (9) has positive associations with the TV show (nothing can really top the original, but this version is really good. The finale of The Hills was really emotional for me, so hearing this version again brings back those memories).

    pop3blow2 (10) felt any version of this song deserved a 10 (I’m like physically unable to give any version of this song less than a 10).

    More of Me

    Average Score: 6.58

    Highest Scorers: 10 x 1 (pop3blow2), 9 x 1 (abael), 8.5 x 1 (vague)
    Lowest Scorers: 4 x 2 (Sail On, OspreyQueen), 4.5 x 1 (myblood)

    More of Me from the 'Tangled: Before Ever After' TV series leaves next. I've always been a big fan of this one, it's offensively cute and has a distinct advert feel but... is that a bad thing?

    pop3blow2's (10) Mandy Moore stan jumped out (If you know me from the Mandy rate, I’m also pretty much incapable of not giving anything Tangled related a high score. This animated series is sooooo good. I’m gonna promo it every chance I get. Seriously. It's on Disney+, watch it!).

    RUNAWAY (7.8) was also a fan (really adorable and cute, and her voice is really great here).

    Let Go

    Average Score: 6.63

    Highest Scorers: 9 x 2 (pop3blow2, Remorque), 8.25 x 1 (Butterfly), 8 x 1 (Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Scorers: 4 x 2 (RainOnFire, fatyoshi), 5 x 2 (OspreyQueen, Hurricane Drunk)

    NESTEA anthem Let Go is the final song to leave us today. The song was released in early 2017 alongside a music video which was payola'd to YouTube's trending page - prompting an influx of confused comments and 13 million views.

    Again, the song does scream advert but... it works? I played this a lot when it came out.

    pop3blow2 (9) recognises what an anthem this is (A very ‘roll the windows down & sing along’ kinda song). Epic Chocolat (7) thought it was fine (Inspirational Natasha at it again. That's fine).

    RUNAWAY (6) was not a fan, although his score might suggest otherwise (boring, bland, basic). OspreyQueen (5) looks down on Natasha's hustle (This will forever be “the Nestea song” for me but that’s okay because it’s not very good anyway).

  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I love how you didn’t even try to hide today’s elimination with the thread title ddd
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  10. Ddd I just wanted to click bait with Unwritten.
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  11. I didn't give anything in the Misc section more than a 7, so all of them leaving are fine by me!
  12. I love 'More Of Me', but had no delusions it would go much further than it did. I sure did get extra plug for Mandy & that cartoon in though, haha! I just love that franchise so much & the art style in that show.
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  13. Looking at the results coming this week and I'm actually devastated at a few of them.
    My timeliness permitting, we'll be into the 7+ averages by the weekend.

    We're also losing two 11s.
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    Can't Let Go

    Average Score: 6.65

    Highest Scorers: 10 x 1 (DJHazey), 9 x 1 (myblood), 8.5 x 1 (pop3blow2), 8.25 x 1 (vague)
    Lowest Scorers: 1.5 x 1 (RainOnFire)

    Another Roll With Me song leaves as Can't Let Go is eliminated. This one is grating, it was my lowest rated on the album (along with a couple other tracks) at 6.5, but listening again it deserved less.

    Epic Chocolat (6) seemed to enjoy the message (Thank you again guru Natasha). pop3blow2 (8.5) once again seems to not understand how a 1-10 scale works (A nice little Motown bop. Also, a bit forgettable if I’m just being honest).

    RUNAWAY (6.7) took the words out of my mouth (this song is way too… for Natasha. This song does NOT fit with the rest of the album. Oh at all).

    Unexpected Hero

    Average Score: 6.652

    Highest Scorers: 9 x 2 (myblood, fatyoshi), 8.25 x 1 (pop3blow2)
    Lowest Scorers: 3.5 x 1 (RainOnFire), 4 x 1 (Epic Chocolat), 4.5 x 1 (tylerc904)

    Unexpected Hero becomes the first Strip Me track to leave the rate! As an international / US iTunes only bonus track, I'm not massively surprised this is first to go as there does seem to be a familiarity bias with a couple of these rankings. Outside of that though, it is more understated than the rest of Strip Me - personally I think that adds to its charm.

    Verandi (7.5) welcomed the change of pace from the rest of the album (A welcome minimal affair, very Beatles, lovely).

    (8.25) liked the chorus in particular (The chorus is the hero, here).

    RUNAWAY (8) takes issue with this being yet another great track relegated to bonus track status (cute ending track. Really wish it wasn’t yet another pre-order bonus….).

    Who I Am

    Average Score: 6.68

    Highest Scorers: 9 x 1 (pop3blow2), 8 x 3 (RUNAWAY, vague, myblood)
    Lowest Scorers: 4 x 1 (OspreyQueen)

    Who I Am, Natasha's contribution to Disney's The Pirate Fairy soundtrack, is the last track to leave us tonight. At the time it was her first new solo track in 3 years, the longest she has gone between releases in her career. It's exactly what you'd expect from her for a kid's soundtrack, whether that's enough is a matter of personal taste.

    Remorque (7.75) was impressed by the quality (Again... A lovely surprise!).

    pop3blow2 (9) is very into Natasha's soundtrack contributions (Natasha + Disney Soundtracks = High Scores from me. A very effective tune, though to be fair this kinda fairy dusted Radio Disney stuff is a weakness for me).

    RUNAWAY (8) enjoyed the sentiment (cute song, and great sentiment here).

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2020
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  15. Not entirely sure if Unexpected Hero should be the first Strip Me track to leave. Not really bothered by the loss though.
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  16. Can't Let Go??? I'm sad. This is a great example of the 'retro' feel I said I loved about a lot of the album and won't accept people calling it too basic and such. Get taste!
  17. Weightless, Try, No Mozart, Recover should have all gone before Unexpected Hero tbh.
  18. One of her best songs. Ever.
  19. I gave it a decent score but on the last chorus she's just trying to send her vocal chords to space. No mama no.
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  20. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Weightless? No Mozart??? Recover????? Before Unexpected Hero?!

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