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Natasha Bedingfield Discography Rate | Winner revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Butterfly, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Yes! I’m sorry for my lateness.

    I have everything ready to go - I’ll tentatively say today tonight for the first reveal.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the belated as fuck results of the Natasha Bedingfield Discography Rate!
    Overall, we had 18 participants including myself ranking 96 songs.

    I'll share interesting stats as we go along - but for now I'll leave you with the fact that eleven songs received at least one score of 11 - with four songs receiving multiple scores of 11. Understandably though, it's a while before we get to any of them (those of you with riskier picks can breathe a sigh of relief).

    So, without further ado:

    Yes We Can - The Naked Brothers Band feat. Natasha Bedingfield

    Average Score: 4

    Highest Score: 7 x 3 (Sprockrooster, pop3blow2, Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 1 x 4 (RainOnFire, OspreyQueen, Verandi, Hurricane Drunk)

    Natasha's burst of late 00s / early 10s features saw many interesting pairings, but the least musically forgivable to you all was of course this Obama-inspired track from the Nickelodeon TV series 'The Naked Brothers Band'. It's no surprise that our three high scorers could only manage a 7, which is a below average score for all three of them.

    The song received my second lowest score in the rate (4) - it isn't completely lacking in musical merit, as a Natasha solo it could work quite well, I just don't really have the desire to hear her collaborate with two children.

    Whilst this will be our only elimination today, I'll endeavour to post 2 daily from here on out.
    I'm struggling to think of how to hint at tomorrow's eliminations without giving them away entirely - so all I'll say is that they both pre-date 'Yes We Can'.​
  3. I can totally live with this, but what is The Sign still doing in?
  4. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Ddd we’re literally one elimination in sis
  5. The Sign is best cover in the rate.
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  6. Looking at the scores you all gave, this is a pretty low bar to clear.
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  7. Oh I know, but it was a 9 for me and certainly better than anything else. It's probably just the Ace of Base stan in me treating it like a welcomed bop at the end of a long road of some more questionable extras songs.
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  8. #95
    The Scientist (Radio 1 Live Lounge Cover)
    [In today's edition of flop rate host, my artwork folder has gone missing... so I'll come back and update this tomorrow]

    Average Score: 4.4

    Highest Scores: 8 x 1 (Robsolete), 7.3 x 1 (RUNAWAY), 7 x 1 (Sail On)
    Lowest Scores: 1 x 1 (The Hot Rock), 1.75 x 1 (Epic Chocolat)

    Our second elimination is one of the five covers included in the song list. Natasha covered this Coldplay classic back in 2004 for the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and you guys were not here for it.

    A few of you felt that Natasha had simply ruined the song.

    Sprockrooster (4): All the life and emotion. Sucked out completely. That is actually an accomplishment.
    Epic Chocolat (1.75): Oh no. Bad version.
    Remorque (2): This song's a fucking classic and was not meant for oversinging. And it drags on for-fucking-ever.

    Others weren't a huge fan of the choice of cover.

    pop3blow2 (6.5): Not a song I’d pick for her to do. A decent go at it, I guess, but it's not working for me.
    The Hot Rock (1): Not a fan of the original song. This didn't change my mind.
    OspreyQueen (4): I actually like a bit of Coldplay but I’ve reached the stage in my life where I’d like to never hear any version of this song ever again.

    RUNAWAY (7.3) asks a valid question, given that Natasha still performs the song in her live set over some of her hits: this cover was cute and all, but I don’t understand why she feels the need to STILL trot it out 15 years later….like….was it that iconic or something?

    Verandi (3) has an optimistic take: At least it's not Chris Martin I guess.

    Chasing Cars (Radio 1 Live Lounge Cover)

    Average Score: 4.84

    Highest Scores: 8 x 2 (pop3blow2, Verandi), 7 x 1 (Robsolete)
    Lowest Scores: 2 x 3 (OspreyQueen, Epic Chocolat, Sail On, Hurricane Drunk), 3 x 1 (tylerc904)

    Next up is yet another Live Lounge rock cover - this time its Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars.

    Those who left commentary seemed in agreement that this doesn't need to exist:

    Remorque (5):
    All of these points are for the original being a classic, if overplayed, and her sounding good in parts. They really shouldn't have bothered anyway...
    Epic Chocolat (2): She's not good at this, the Live Lounge cover. Just my opinion.
    pop3blow2 (8): Certainly better than the Coldplay cover here. Still, while pretty, really inessential.
    RUNAWAY (5): fuck i hate this song so much already, and Natasha made it EVEN WHINIER.
    OspreyQueen (2): No shade but I could really have done without these covers of maudlin white indie-rock band songs.

  9. Tomorrow's eliminations see a return to the feature section.

    Will Frankmusik Crash & Burn? Will I live to regret forcing Last Chance's inclusion? Will The Sign survive to torture @Remorque another day? Stay tuned.​
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  10. This is off to a great start. The Sign is by far the best cover in this rate but that isn't the highest compliment since most are shit. That said, I truly love her take on it.
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  11. Both of those are nice versions.

    There's a lot worse that could have gone first ddd.
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  12. Good riddance. But The Sign is worse than both of them.
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  13. That's the point.
  14. Both terrible original songs and the covers make me relive them so nope bye Pumkin!
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  15. Thank you! Both put my ass to sleep in original form I did not need covers.
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    Perfect Sense (Troy NōKA feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

    Average Score: 4.9

    Highest Scores: 8.5 x 1 (pop3blow2), 8 x 1 (OspreyQueen)
    Lowest Score: 1 x 2 (Verandi, Hurricane Drunk)

    Next up is Natasha's 2014 collaboration with rapper/producer Troy NōKA. I'm not quite sure why this one placed so low. She's not on it a massive amount, but the production is quite lovely even if Troy's rapping isn't for you. It's certainly of higher artistic merit than a lot of the features/miscellaneous tracks still in. The mostly-middling scores & lack of commentary lead me to believe this was just forgettable for the most of you.

    RUNAWAY (4), our only commentator for this track, was no fan: what even. I hate this….another collab we could have completely left off.


    Easy (Rascal Flatts feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

    Average Score: 5.19

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (RUNAWAY)
    Lowest Scores: 2 x 2 (The Hot Rock, Epic Chocolat), 2.5 x 1 (RainOnFire)

    We lose another feature in Natasha's 2011 Rascal Flatts collaboration 'Easy'. Somewhat of an outlier in her features section in that it was actually a hit, peaking at #3 on the US Hot Country chart, #20 on Adult Contemporary and #43 on the Hot 100 - later certified Platinum. This one I can understand placing so low, Rascal Flatts are definitely an acquired taste to say the least, and I don't know that the song itself is quite good enough to overlook them.

    Epic Chocolat (2) said quite simply: So bland.

    RUNAWAY (10), on the other hand, was a big fan: this song is amazing. The vocals and lyrics are so incredible, and I love everything about this.

    pop3blow2 (7.5) sums up my feelings: I just can’t with Rascal Flatt’s dude’s voice sometimes. This isn’t awful though. Natasha’s vocal is great & she looks pretty stunning in the video.

  17. Jet Lag is the only feature that surprised me tbh. A banger!
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  18. Well, we can at least give her credit for trying alot of different genres with her features.
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  19. Our first album cuts to leave the rate.
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    Wishful Thinking

    Average Score: 5.59

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (pop3blow2), 8.4 x 1 (RUNAWAY), 7.5 x 3 (Butterfly, DJHazey, Remorque)
    Lowest Scores: 1 x 2 (RainOnFire, Hurricane Drunk)

    Our first album cut to depart is Roll With Me's penultimate track, the vocal-pushing Wishful Thinking. Natasha described the song as having a spiritual, church-inspired feeling - but it's clear most of you weren't converted.

    It's fair to assume Natasha's vocal delivery is the main cause of criticism here.

    Verandi (4): Good Lord these vocals.
    The Hot Rock (3): the chorus... the screaming... the racket... natasha, sis.

    But the song does have some fans, myself included. I was lucky enough to hear this one live first at her 2019 London show and it was a complete highlight. The studio version doesn't pop off quite as much but it's still packed with feeling.

    pop3blow2 (10): Ok. Wow. Maybe I was wrong about this album running out of steam towards the end. I love this.
    RUNAWAY (8.4): so much better than the previous songs, and a great ending emotional song.

    OspreyQueen (4) hears some similarities to a song I am not familiar with (This Run Run Rudolph chord progression………..). I took a quick listen and I don't hear much of a similarity myself, if it is a rip-off it certainly wasn't worth it looking at that average score!​

    I Think They're Thinking (Interlude)

    Average Score: 5.69

    Highest Scores: 9.5 x 1 (pop3blow2), 8.2 x 1 (RUNAWAY), 8 x 1 (abael)
    Lowest Scores: 1 x 1 (Hurricane Drunk), 3 x 1 (tylerc904)

    Our next elimination is another album track, this time from N.B, I Think They're Thinking (Interlude). The track is only 58 seconds long and completely acapella, so it's placement is unsurprising. Even resident high-scorer pop3blow2 (9.5) felt the need to lower the track's score on account of it being an interlude (Whew. It seems excessive to give a 57 second interlude a 10, so I bumped it down a bit.).

    RUNAWAY (8.2) enjoyed the track (this interlude really got me on first listen, and it’s really stuck with me.) and OspreyQueen (5) pulled out her best Aretha for some shade (Great harmonies, beautiful harmonies.).​
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