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Natasha Bedingfield Discography Rate | Winner revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Butterfly, Mar 19, 2020.

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    Crash & Burn (Frankmusik feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

    Average Score: 5.98

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (myblood), 9 x 1 (Sprockrooster), 8.25 x 1 (Remorque)
    Lowest Scores: 1 x 1 (Verandi), 3 x 2 (abael, Epic Chocolat)

    Yet another feature leaves us, this time it's 2014's Crash & Burn by Frankmusik. The song itself is OK, I might have even liked it had Natasha been the sole vocalist, but Frankmusik's voice is kind of annoying (& there's the whole... him being a racist now).

    Sprockrooster (9) loved it (This is unexpectedly great.) but the rest of you weren't as complimentary.

    (7) questions the song's inclusion in the rate (why we had to include Frankmusik in this rate is….unknown…...he tries to be so cool and he just isn’t. He’s so insufferable. Natasha’s contribution to this song is the best thing about it.) - and yet he still gave it a 7? pop3blow2 (6) also seems to have overscored (Ummm, this really goes nowhere… and the non-hook is not helping). Epic Chocolat (3) found the song's sound unexpected, but still wasn't a fan (I didn't expect this sound).

    OspreyQueen (4) also seemed to have her enjoyment ruined by Frankmusik's clownery (Four points for Natasha, zero for the alt-right clown), Verandi (0) did too, by the looks of it (Hello Brexiter).

    Miracle (The Dirty Tees feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

    Average Score: 6.055

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (Sprockrooster), 8 x 2 (OspreyQueen, abael)
    Lowest Scores: 3 x 2 (RainOnFire, Sail On), 4 x 2 (Butterfly, Epic Chocolat)

    Another feature in the casket, though at least The Dirty Tees' Miracle has the distinction of being our first elimination rated above a 6. The song is a cover of Fragma's 2000 hit 'Toca's Miracle', released in 2011 as a free download since The Dirty Tees and Natasha had some kind of management connection.

    Sprockrooster (10) thought this one was great too (A shameless trashy bop. I stan), as did OspreyQueen (8) from the looks of her score, though her comment doesn't seem to mirror that (Sure). Epic Chocolat (4) wasn't a fan (Another unnecessary cover and there are plenty).

    RUNAWAY (6) once again questions the inclusion of the track in the rate (this song was all production. Really didn’t need to be included here) - truthfully it was just easier to include all the features than be selective and leave out just a couple of them.


    Average Score: 6.058

    Highest Scores: 8 x 2 (Butterfly, RUNAWAY), 7.8 x 1 (myblood), 7.5 x 3 (OspreyQueen, pop3blow2, vague)
    Lowest Scores: 3 x 2 (RainOnFire, Hurricane Drunk), 4 x 1 (Sprockrooster)

    The hidden track Sojourn becomes the first song from Unwritten to leave us. I have to say, this one does upset me a bit! I think it's great, it's always been one of my favourites of hers. I also have a soft spot for it as it was my first ever hidden track, I remember being surprised to discover it after the end of Wild Horses. I'm a non-conformist / I like doing stupid things / Like laughing on a train is one of her worst lyrics though.

    Verandi (4.5) seems to think this was an unnecessary inclusion after Wild Horses (Because Wild Horses wasn't enough. It's a bit less shit though. It's a shame we don't have a fully produced version of this, I'm sure it would have been a banger).

    RUNAWAY (8) however, was a fan - and seems to have similar memories associated with it as I do (when I first played this album and this song came on after I thought the album was done, I was kind of shook. I think this might have been my first ‘hidden track’. It’s a cute song about getting away, but yeah, it’s a great hidden track for the very end of the album).

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  2. These extra's are getting culled. Unsurprised.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Honestly I should have given stupid Frankmusik a 5....that song makes me so mad just thinking about it.
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  4. Don't really care about either of those songs going or Wild Horses if it does for that matter.

    The only Frankmusik I really know and can't help but still love is the No ID with Colette Carr. And all this talk about their first secret song. It was the big thing on nu metal CDs in the late 90s. My favorites were the Matt Pinfield from MTV showing up on a Limp Bizkit album, the one at the end of the Korn's Follow the Leader where they are like joking around shooting the shit before the song, and my favorite is definitely Deftones's MX at the end of Around the Fur and the track takes like 13 minutes up. It still ticks me off they won't cut the 10 minutes of silences off the track for the Spotify version. It is one of my alltime favorite songs by them period and I don't want to get the Last.FM scrobble by listening to all that silence.​
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  5. It'll take wild horses to hold me back from dragging you if you post something like this again.
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    Loved By You

    Average Score: 6.09

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (RUNAWAY), 8.5 x 1 (myblood), 8 x 1 (pop3blow2)
    Lowest Scores: 3 x 2 (RainOnFire, Hurricane Drunk), 4 x 1 (Epic Chocolat)

    Loved By You becomes the next track to leave us, the first full length song to leave from N.B. Like Sojourn, this one is also an acoustic bonus track, hidden on some CD copies of the album and released as a bonus on iTunes. As we get into the 6s, I think it's understandable that songs like this which aren't necessarily bad but aren't particularly memorable start to head out.

    RUNAWAY (10) was our only commentator for this particular track, and of course with that score they loved it (again, this song deserved better than JOINED hidden track status. It gives me Wicked teas with the ‘for good’ lyrics. I know that’s a stretch, but that part is one of the reasons I love this song so much).

    Shake Up Christmas

    Average Score: 6.16

    Highest Scores: 8.5 x 1 (vague), 8 x 4 (Sprockrooster, pop3blow2, tylerc904, Epic Chocolat)
    Lowest Scores: 3 x 2 (The Hot Rock, OspreyQueen), 4 x 2 (abael, RainOnFire)

    We say goodbye to another cover as Shake Up Christmas is eliminated, it also becomes our first advert song to leave. The song was originally released by Train in 2010 as a promotional tie-in with Coca-Cola, before Natasha was selected to re-record the track the following year for Coca-Cola's 2011 Christmas ad campaign. It's a great advert song, and pretty in line with Natasha's early 10s out-put in my opinion - I feel like if the voting period had been over Christmas, this might have fared a little better.

    I actually had no idea this was a cover until I read your commentary, Epic Chocolat (8) only knew the Train version (Not bad, I only knew the version with male vocals) & Remorque (7) correctly thinks good song + woman singing = better (Wait at this actually being a great version of the song? Shows you that everything sounds better sung by a woman).

    pop3blow2 (8) was amused by Natasha's hustle (‘Official Coca-cola Christmas song’… haha… I’m screaming Miss Natasha! It’s cute.) & RUNAWAY (7) didn't seem to like the song very much, even with that score (this was pretty basic).


    Unicorn (Basto & Natasha Bedingfield)

    Average Score: 6.19

    Highest Scores: 9 x 1 (The Hot Rock), 8 x 3 (DJHazey, RUNAWAY, Remorque)
    Lowest Scores: 1.5 x 1 (myblood), 3 x 2 (RainOnFire, abael)

    Unicorn, Natasha's 2016 collaboration with Belgian producer Basto, leaves next. It's a bit of an odd one in that the production is straight out of 2012, I personally wasn't able to overlook that fact given that the actual song underneath isn't particularly strong either.

    OspreyQueen (7) liked the song, but similarly felt the production was dated (It’s a decent song but…we sure it was released in 2016???). Sprockrooster (5) was less complementary (I expected something more gay with that title. Not this straight bleepmusic nonsense in the post-chorus).

    pop3blow2 (7.75) can't decide whether they like it or not (There is a lot going on here. I think bits might be ok. I just don’t know) & RUNAWAY (8) is willing to overlook the poor lyrics (the simile was so basic here, but I really loved her voice on the song).

    Many a look was served in the video though.

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  7. Unicorn is a mild bop, not sure I'll end up loving it for too long but it was a welcomed improvement over a lot of the extras.
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  8. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Funny thing actually, I was looking through my Shazam tracks a few days ago and this was in there from Christmas time. I guess despite my score, I did like it enough in that particular moment to bother Shazaming it.

    Then again I was drunk for most of last Christmas so that probably explains it.
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  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    All of these extras and features... what's the opposite of the Mariah 'that was a classic' gif? I seriously don't remember anything about them other than the fact that they were mostly bad.
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    Ray of Light (BBC Radio 1: Established 1967 cover)

    Average Score: 6.19

    Highest Scorers: 9 x 1 (Verandi), 8.75 x 1 (pop3blow2), 8.5 x 1 (DJHazey)
    Lowest Scorers: 3 x 1 (Epic Chocolat), 4 x 2 (abael, Sprockrooster), 4.5 x 1 (Sail On)

    Another cover is next out, this time around it's her BBC Radio 1: Established 1967 contribution, Ray of Light - a cover of Madonna's classic, of course. Her covers have really not performed well here. This is by far my favourite, the only one I'd ever choose to listen to. The lighter (but not completely stripped) arrangement doesn't capture the same frantic magic the original does so well, but viewed in isolation it's really lovely. A great vocal from Natasha.

    Epic Chocolat (3) also liked her vocal take, but wasn't a fan of the arrangement (Keep the vocals, change the rest). RUNAWAY (6.3) seemed to feel the opposite (well that was a screechy mess too….what is she doing in this cover?!).

    Remorque (5.5) felt it was her best cover, even if it didn't live up to the original (Probably her best cover? It doesn't really hold a candle to Kate Bush invading Madonna via William Orbit's computer, n'est-ce pas?). The Hot Rock (6) felt similarly (Still misguided but the least tragic of these covers. I'll allow it).

    pop3blow2 (8.75) was a fan (I mean, Madonna’s is Madonna. Still, I like Natasha’s voice more than Madonna’s at the end of the day. So, I like her take, here. It’s her own thing while remaining true to the original).

    Real Love

    Average Score: 6.22

    Highest Scorers: 9 x 1 (RUNAWAY), 8.5 x 1 (pop3blow2), 8 x 1 (abael)
    Lowest Scorers: 2 x 2 (Osprey Queen, Hurricane Drunk), 3.5 x 1 (RainOnFire)

    13 eliminations on from Wishful Thinking's (untimely) exit, we lose another track from Roll With Me: Real Love. Early listings for the CD suggested this was originally the title track, as the album was titled 'Real Love Now'. The song has a live, throwback feeling - and to me encapsulates the Roll With Me album pretty well.

    RUNAWAY (9) enjoyed it (a great ending to this album. So great to end on a high note, especially such a great, positive song), Epic Chocolat (6) did too (I like the Motown vibe).

    OspreyQueen (2), had a larger response than I could have ever imagined this song would elicit (Roll With Me isn’t an incredible album, but it’s mostly solid and self-aware…and then it ends on this trite and completely out-of-place attempt at Motown with some of the worst lyrics of her career and an utterly lifeless husk of a chorus. I was genuinely taken aback on my first listen by how awful it is).

    King of the World

    Average Score: 6.24

    Highest Scorers: 8 x 3 (The Hot Rock, tylerc904, vague), 7.8 x 1 (RUNAWAY)
    Lowest Scorers: 2 x 1 (Verandi), 2.5 x 1 (RainOnFire)

    Roll With Me is on a losing streak as King of the World becomes our next eliminee. It's a reggae-influenced track inspired by her son and it's... fine.

    RUNAWAY (7.8) was our sole commentator for this track (I liked the lyrics of this song, and the reggae feel, but it definitely felt not as strong).

    And a nice live rendition:
  11. Tomorrow we lose a much bemoaned track.

    The Sign or I Wanna Have Your Babies - which will it be?

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    When did she have a son?!
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  13. Hopefully not the latter!
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  14. Honestly, hopefully both.

    This rate is going rather superb so far.
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  15. I actually gave Ray of Light's cover here a slightly higher score than I gave the original in the Madonna rate ddd, that's probably because of the competition the latter was up against though. We continue to lose the worst songs on Roll With me. I only need these gone from it and we're good for a bit:

    Hey Papa
    Can't Look Away

    It had better be that second song you teased @Butterfly.
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  16. Scream. I am so going to use this in the Madonna rate at a point ddd.
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    The Sign (Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

    Average Score: 6.25

    Highest Scores: 10 x 3 (RUNAWAY, pop3blow2, tylerc904), 9 x 1 (DJHazey), 8 x 1 (Verandi)
    Lowest Scores: 1 x 1 (Sprockrooster), 2 x 2 (RainOnFire, Remorque)

    @Remorque can sleep easy - The Sign is finally eliminated. The most recent song in the rate, this was dropped unexpectedly in October 2019 alongside a music video. I personally think it's really nice, if a bit random and unnecessary - I didn't expect it to illicit strong reactions that rivalled I Wanna Have Your Babies but it seems some of you just can't stand orchestral interpretations of dance music.

    Sprockrooster (1) was not a fan of the interpretation or the band who released the original (Yeah. I love Alex Christensen, but this in sound actually not among his best. Add to that they are enabling from the original song a neo-nazi band I am not here for any of this). Remorque (2) was surprisingly not the lowest scorer (What did we do to deserve this? She sounds atrocious. Jenny and Linn, sweeties, I'm so sorry).

    Epic Chocolat (4) could just about tolerate the song (Barely bearable. And why the lyric change?) and The Hot Rock (6) seemed mostly indifferent (Saw that this was another cover and contemplated taking a nap first but it was fine. Thank god).

    Our resident high scorers were big fans though. RUNAWAY (10) can apparently think of little better than an orchestral Ace of Base cover (an ACE OF BASE ORCHESTRAL COVER?! WHAT?!?!???!!!!! Brilliant. I love everything about this) & pop3blow2 (10) was similarly in love (What is this?! Haha. NB singing over an orchestrated Ace Of Base classic? Sure, this I’m loving this. I didn’t know this happened, so this is the most pleasant surprise of the rate for me).

    Power Games (Stanfour feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

    Average Score: 6.26

    Highest Scores: 10 x 1 (RUNAWAY)
    Lowest Scores: 4 x 2 (The Hot Rock, Verandi)

    The features have no time to breathe tonight, Stanfour's Power Games is next out.

    pop3blow2 (9) is a new fan (Oooh, I’ve never heard this. This is nice. Well done duet.) and RUNAWAY (10) was a particular fan of the video (okay she served here. This song needs to be on Spotify….and omg she had her boobies out in the MV and I was LIVING).

    Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm

    Gonna button my lips so the truth don't slip

    Gotta beep out what I really wanna shout

    Whoops! Did I say it out loud, did you find out?

    I Wanna Have Your Babies

    Average Score: 6.27

    Highest Scores: 10 x 3 (RUNAWAY, Epic Chocolat, Remorque), 9.5 x 1 (Butterfly)
    Lowest Scores: 1 x 1 (DJHazey), 2 x 1 (RainOnFire), 3 x 1 (The Hot Rock)

    Yeah, I was misleading with that little teaser. Tonight we're also losing I Wanna Have Your Babies. It's iconic for all the wrong reasons. The lead single from Natasha's sophomore album N.B., the track peaked at #7, an era-killer if there ever was one. To no surprise it was removed from the American version of the album, which included all the other UK singles. Some think it's the root cause of her career's demise in the UK, others just can't stand it. I personally think... it's really charming? If the main lyric was anything else, I'm sure this would have done fine, but apparently I Wanna Have Your Babies is just too much to bear for many of you.

    Epic Chocolat (10) loves the track, though their interpretation feels like a bit of a misread given that Natasha was only 26 (Just a fun song about the wonders of the biological clock). RUNAWAY (10) felt the same (I unapologetically love this song. Ever since the first listen. Yes, it's completely nonsensical, completely weird, and completely weird choice for a comeback single, but for some reason, I just kept going back to it, and fell in love with it).

    OspreyQueen (7.5) felt the chorus wasn't quite strong enough (It’s cute but it does that thing where you only realise the chorus is the chorus because it contains the title of the song) and pop3blow2 (7.5) can take it or leave it (Despite kind of a clunky lyric, it’s a fine little pop song. Not something I need or use, though).

  18. More than willing to lose The Sign (which is just a random discovery in the rate and not really anything I'll have any strong feelings towards in the future) so we can say goodbye to one of the worst songs I've rated in some time.
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  19. I’ve watched ‘The Sign’ video on YouTube more times than I should probably admit since I discovered it here. I really love it, but understand it being a bit divisive.
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  20. Aw, poor I Wanna Have Your Babies. I wish it wasn't long for this rate, but I'm happy my 10 actually helped it a smidge. It's a fun little pop song and she actually sounds as if she's having fun singing it, seaux...
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