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Natasha Bedingfield - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Samuel, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. I mean, she is 'never needs to work again' rich from Unwritten alone so I'm honestly not sure she's too bothered about her career trajectory anymore, but it was a real shame to watch her releases go off the rails due to label/management fuckery.
  2. I Wanna Have Your Babies was career suicide in a preoccupied-with-being-uber-indie-and-cool 2006/2007 era, but in 2021? Ladies we simply must bop.
  3. It seems like there was a disconnect between the US/UK label in terms of her direction and general handling. They obviously focused on the US as a bigger market but sacrificed her home market for it. Also I agree that 'I Wanna Have Your Babies' did not land well here and they didn't really try do much to help her recover from that.
  4. She's spoken about it a little. The label decided it was better financially for them for her to be a small fish in the big US pond, rather than maintain her large profile in the UK. They wouldn't let her promote anything here post N.B.

    Typically a sophomore slump like N.B. would signal the downturn of a career but given that she completely landed on her feet with Pocketful of Sunshine, it is a shame they never made their way back over here to promote that after it smashed in the US.
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  5. I feel like after Babies, and her focus on USA, the British public took it a little personally and thought she'd abandoned us here. We're a fickle bunch.

    I do wish her latest album was better. Unwritten, NB, Pocketful and Strip Me are all stellar.
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  6. I honestly forgot she released a new album and I have participated in her rate too nn. It wasn't very good.
  7. kal


    I love Natasha, I truly do, but I could never find the energy to listen to her latest album.
  8. I actually think Roll With Me is a great little album. Definitely nothing super original but it's enjoyable.
  9. It's not a bad album but all the songs sort of blend into one and have this kind of hazy laid back mood. The thing I liked about Natasha was her tendency to genre hop and give the uplifting give.
  10. I would very much like a comeback for this lady, give us another euphoric, carpe diem banger!
  11. Out of curiosity, why is ‘Angel’ not available in the UK, either on iTunes or Spotify streaming? This is Darkchild shadiness at its worst!
  12. Pocketful of Sunshine was never released here, as it’s the US version of N.B. We only have the title track because it was on the European version of Strip Me which had a digital release here.
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  13. I guess that as an artist, even if you don’t need the money, you still want your art to reach as many people and get embraced. So it must bother her a little at least.
  14. I did wonder what that gold coloured cover was that had ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ and now this all makes sense! Thanks for clarifying as it always left me perplexed!

    Gutted this isn’t available as it’s one of her best tracks that is missing for availability!
  15. This is so dumb and even worse is I imagine it can't be rectified since each release was never released in either respective market ddd.

    There's basically an album's worth of songs they could add missing from the US.

    - How Do You Do
    - I Wanna Gave Your Babies
    - Tricky Angel
    - When You Know You Know
    - I Think They're Thinking
    - (No More) What Ifs
    - Still Here
    - Smell The Roses
    - Lay Down
    - Loved By You
    - Stepping Stone
    - Cheer Me Up

    What's even weirder is that the original version of her debut seems to be the only version on Spotify in any country and that the US doesn't have the US version, which means songs like Stumble, The One That Got Away, and the Eve-version of Drop Me In The Middle aren't on there either ddd.
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  16. The sad standard for acts who were no longer relevant once the streaming age hit. There's 7 new tracks on Pocketful of Sunshine that the UK needs (+ a few international N.B. tracks, I think). As well as those international Unwritten bonuses.

    Would be cute if her management would get this all sorted - and get Unwritten on vinyl at the very least.
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  17. I feel like EVERYONE hates it but Touch is my fave song of hers...
  18. Have you filled the form on @aquaplex website to request them?
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  19. A while back! I think he said he has a big list for her label already.
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  20. I was such a stan during the first and second albums, I even remember importing most versions of the first album including the iconic Japanese one.

    “Pocketful of sunshine” was such a good album and the soundtrack of my time in London, it’s a shame we can’t listen to it in Europe. Hope they fix it soon too!
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