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Natasha Bedingfield - New music 2021

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Samuel, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Who remembers Alex Cartañá launched in the same period as Natasha, same sound, looks, everything?


    Labels were so shady back then.
  2. Natasha is forever cemented in my personal history. At my high school graduation, the superintendent decided to just quote the Unwritten lyrics instead of giving an actual speech.

    Delivered in a Ben Stein-esque droll tone, to boot.
  3. Whenever I saw that cover I always thought "Natashaaaa", but nope.
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  4. A new Nicki collaboration leaked. People are saying it's from 2011 which sounds accurate from the content.
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  5. It's a lil bop! Screaming at there being multiple collaborations with Nicki of all people.
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  6. Nicki was really into her British female singers back then. I guess this verse was a favour for Natasha doing Last Chance but things didn't work out for it to end up on Strip Me Away?
  7. @Vasilios how can I always count on you to be thinking about exactly the same artist?! In another thread, somebody posted about Alexis Strum and it got me thinking about Alex Cartana too! She really was launched as a rival to Natasha Bedingfield, yet her sibling connection, having a song featured on a hit reality programme and greater press exposure, meant that she won and unfortunately Alex lost out.

    If anybody ever had the chance to listen, her songs that featured on both her promo discs had real potential, especially ‘Out of My Shell’ and ‘Blue Skies’. She also unveiled a couple of tracks on the now defunct My Space which had real potential, including the chaotically amazing pop Spanish banger, ‘Tell No One’. One for the one hit girl wonders me thinks!
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  8. Pirate Bones - the Eve collabo - the borderline incestuous duet with Daniel at the Brit Awards.

    Urgh, her mind.
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  9. Following on the global success of her TikTok hit Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield will release a new track this Friday: Lighthearted.

    The song can be pre-saved etc.
  10. Addison Rae is shaking!
  11. MB


    Fingers crossed for a bop. It sounds upbeat from the short preview and the fact it looks like there are dancers in the video.
  12. I had no idea where the hell it would go after that intro… and not sure it ends up in a great place. I appreciate voice and some of the reverb is nice but I don’t think the word Lighthearted hits like she wants?
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  13. Dreadful. Why is the production on this and her last album so dated? At this point I’d even take another I Wanna Have Your Babies from her.
  14. This is... not good. The intro/middle-8 reminds me of Naughty Boy's La La La, but more annoying nn
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  16. Better than Lighthearted, quite the bop, but I hear Senorita in it.
  17. beautiful song.
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