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Natasha Bedingfield - Roll With Me

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jul 15, 2019.

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  1. It feels like a really lazy criticism, but everything sounds the same - instrumentally and production wise. It's just blending into one.
  2. I think it's good.

    There's lots of disappointed people though so I must be in the minority!
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  3. No Man I See with a female empowerment video.

    Her best shot with this. End Of.

    Why Roller Skates as the lead single. WHY?.

    No physical CDs?
  4. There is a physical CD - it's on Amazon.
  5. This was never in 5 billion years going to be successful. They made no real effort.
    I am sure all Natasha is concerned about is being able to tour the UK.

    Comments about quality are valid but stressing over single choices isn't worth it.
  6. I've been revisiting Unwritten a lot lately.
    Back when I first got into it (2012) I wasn't really aware of how to obtain various bonus tracks so I have been lacking The One That Got Away & Stumble ever since.
    Finally got round to tracking them down in anticipation of the new era and both are amazing.

    Really a shame Stumble was purely an international bonus track, it deserved to be a single & certainly a spot on a main version of an album - N.B. would certainly be much stronger with its inclusion.
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's a fine album. Unremarkable, good even at points, but basically nothing on her previous albums which I expected. I will say that I forgot how much I missed her voice (except for on Wishful Thinking, whew that screeching is fucking painful), and I thought my second listen was better than the first, but it really is just bland as a whole and there are a few tracks that could've been trimmed to keep it tighter.

    I think Kick It and It Could Be Love are actually pretty great, and Where We Going Now sounds like it could've been on one of the earlier albums.
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  8. Only found out today she has a new album out! It's a good record imo, maybe some tracks could've been cut off but i'm satisfied enough with the whole thing. Also Roller Skate is so good, definitely my favorite track.
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  9. Not massively impressed with her comments on Kylie, I know it wasn't meant in a nasty way however it comes across as really quite patronising and she clearly sees herself as a 'serious musician' and doesn't see Kylie that way.

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  10. It sounds like a record by a new artist about to do the festival circuit. Meaning this could translate pretty well live since I really missed her voice and I like the idea of the sonic direction. But the execution isn't there; it doesn't build on or evolve past what she has done - which was already patchy to begin with - or what I thought she could be capable of doing. Glad to see she was able to put something else out, but definitely underwhelming.
  11. Yeah, I didn't love this but in all honestly that has been Kylie for a significant chunk of her career.
    As a stan I wish people knew about Impossible Princess and that even without always writing she is very involved in the process, but sadly they don't - and Kylie herself doesn't really try and combat this notion.

    It does sound way better live to be honest.
    Hearing a good chunk of the album live beforehand made my first listen a bit more underwhelming.
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  12. It's a fairly solid, if unremarkable, album. No major highs but it's all very listenable. Much better than I expected it to be. Physical CDs are now in HMV as well now.
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  13. I'm in the queue to do a discography rate - this is my b-sides/misc. list at the moment, if I am missing anything let me know. I'm thinking I'm not going to include features aside from the Basto collab but I could be persuaded otherwise I guess?

    You Look Good On Me
    Ain’t Nobody (with Daniel Bedingfield)
    The Scientist (Radio 1 Live Lounge Recording)
    Chasing Cars (Radio 1 Live Lounge Recording)

    Ray of Light
    Shake Up Christmas
    Who I Am
    Unicorn (with Basto)
    Love Looks Like
    Let Go
    More of Me
    Hey Boy
    Unwritten (The 2019 Remix)
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  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    If you are going to include her "live for radio" covers then there's this:
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  15. Ready to be the only one to give "Unwritten (The 2019 Remix)" a high score. I really love it.
  16. kal


    I really like this.
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  17. The other two were both b-sides and The Scientist is part of her live set.
    I like this cover but then I would have to put in all radio covers. Same sort of goes for the Stanfour collab? She has a lot of features.

    I’ll probably do a pre-results run-through of some of these misc. favourites that didn’t make the cut though.
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  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Maybe just include her features that were officially released as singles and aren't massive multi-artist singles that don't have her on it that much (i.e. not Forward, Just Stand Up! or Love Song To The Earth)? For example, Jet Lag (with Simple Plan) was a double-platinum smash in Australia and, if I understand correctly, is actually her best-selling single there, so it would be a shame to exclude it. Also, I'm totally here for giving Between The Raindrops a high score and I can't imagine where else it would ever be rated on this forum.

    I understand your position on the radio covers. That makes sense.
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  19. Stepping Stone is missing and not sure if Cheer Me Up is being included as an album track but it would get a 10 or 11 from me.

    The new album is pretty vanilla but I do like King of the World, Kick It and Can't Look Away.
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