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Natasha Bedingfield - Unicorn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spillett, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. The snippet is working for me, consider me perched.
  2. Top answer game influences everything.
  3. The tumbleweed in the video....
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  4. The single itself wasn't all that but there was a really good remix of it.
  5. Nothing will come close to Touch, for me. The UK smash comeback that never was. Send that to radio instead please Natasha.
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  6. Honestly, her last album was fantastic. People should really check it out if they slept on it. 'Touch', 'Weightless' and 'Can't Fall Down' are quite brilliant.

    We could do an autopsy on her career, but it's not really going to offer anything ground-breaking. N.B. was a half-baked mess, aside from about four songs, and when she re-released it in the US with actual hits on it, she inexplicably abandoned the UK market until she faded completely from public consciousness.
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  7. I had to laugh at that picture with her, Ellie Goulding, Suzanne Somers, Jordin Sparks, and Brandy. It was like a supergroup of Has Beens (bar Ellie for now, run girl!).
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  8. If the Delirium promo is any indication...
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  9. Well this sucks.
  10. This thread reminded me how amazing The One That Got Away is, which led me to find out that the original mix from the UK These Words single is different from the mix on the original US album (as well as the reissue, which used a third mix by Wamdue). I also learned that there are about a thousand versions of the Unwritten album, which is 998 more than I realized.
  11. Wow the song does indeed suck.
  12. I actually quite like the song. The weakest bit is the "chorus". The rest is quite enjoyable.
  13. I actually really liked the 1-minute snippet, which makes me more disappointed that the rest of the song is pretty bad. Well... not even "bad," per se, but in a lot of places it sounds like someone took the vocals from one song and added it to the instrumental of another song.
  14. It is not so bad but it is a bit weird. But is this her song or is she a featured artist? It looks more like a DJ song on which she gave her vocals, it is not her style.
  15. Not me liking this. Needed a basic bop.
  16. Love the video. Some good basic visuals and looks like it had a fairly decent budget. Can't see this doing well as no one will even know it exists but still...
    One thing I'm not a fan of is how they've applied glitter to her, could that not have done an even spread? Jeeze!
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  17. I like Unicorn, but this "one on one there's only one" makes me cringe.
    Her last album Strip Me was six years ago! I always wondered why it flopped. I think it's great.
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