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Natasha Bedingfield - Unicorn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spillett, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. I don't like the song at all. I wish she would go back to her cute pop music.
  2. This is just a "feature" I'm sure they'll be more pop on a new album (if we get one)
  3. This song makes me sad. Feels like a misguided attempt to be on-trend and on-topic.
  4. Was this song recorded in 2011?
  5. Hi, I'm looking for the iTunes preorder bonus tracks from Pocketful of sunshine. Is there anybody who can help me, please?

    These songs are:
    14. Unwritten [Stripped acoustic version] (4:08)
    15. Love Like This [Acoustic from Bleu Room] (Pre-order only) (3:25)
    16. Cheer Me Up (Pre-order only) (3:22)

    I want a new album from her!!
  6. She had a great start. Plus having hits in America was an amazing achievement for her, looking back. But she is also lacking that It factor, so I'm not surprised that her career ended so quickly.
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  7. Nestea Queen

    Soundtrack Queen
  8. I love me a bit of Nat Bed. Get coin queen.
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  9. Wasn't she performing at Butlins not too long ago?
  10. I can't believe how much I used to love her and now I couldn't give a fuck if she released another track again.
  11. I've never really liked her, though she had some amazing songs.

    Like PopIsHot said: she is missing that It factor. If she released great songs now, but her latest releases aren't interesting at all.

    The same goes to her family. Daniel Bedingfield had a great debut album and that was all. Nikola sold a song to Cheryl and that was her greatest achievement. But then... they have vanished from the charts and the success they could had...
  12. I think this is the funniest description for a music video ever:
  13. I clicked on this video from the Youtube front page and was all "wow this product placement is excessive" but I eventually figured out it was a commercial. The song is... it is what it is.
  14. Let Go is not good. More of Me is more in the vein of her older material
  15. Is this a new song?

  16. This thread bump brought the Wamdue remix of The One That Got Away back into my life. Thank you.
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  17. I forgot about this song!! Just like I forgot about her Ddd but what an absolute jam!
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  18. I absolutely adore Let Go
  19. Natasha is pregnant.
  20. How long until the thirst posts over her baby-daddy?
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