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Natasha Bedingfield - Unicorn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spillett, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Congrats to Natasha. That would explain the silence/lack of music & much mentioned new album.
  2. She wasn't doing much before this though, let's be honest.
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  3. True but she was meant to be working on an album and she had started to become a tiny bit more active.
  4. So one of the most underestimated songs ever is now a reality:
  5. Still can’t believe that they lead with this over Soulmate or Not Giving Up
  6. Looking a bit like Kesha there! And yes, I want to drink that daddy!
  7. I Wanna Have Your Babies sort of ruined her career trajectory didn't it?
  8. Still looking gorgeous!
  9. I Wanna Have Your Babies is one of my favorites from her, I never understood why it wasn't well received.

    NB had a lot of potential songs, it was a pity that she gave up on it so soon to focus in her US carreer.
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  10. I was a big fan back in the day. I adored her first album, went to see her in concert and even bought the second album. With all that in mind, I have a genuine question; what happened to her career and where did she go? She is so talented, was a great singer/songwriter, had genuinely good songs (especially on the first album) and even broke the American market. So, what happened? Her brother Daniel (also very successful singer/songwriter) also seems to have just disappeared too.

    For me this always seemed like a DELIBERATE choice rather than a 'failure'. I've always thought there was more to it than her career simply nosediving.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. I listened to Nicki's Last Chance ft. Natasha the other day for the first time in a while.

  12. Well, no, considering Pocketful of Sunshine became a hit after Babies disappeared into the pop history ether.

    Touch should have smashed. I love it. I know we like to joke on her but she has a pretty great singles run, minus Babies, in my opinion.
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  13. Not in the UK.
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  14. Who's that?
  15. I will always be highly gutted she didn't even try to release "Pocketful of sunshine" in the UK, that song is amazing.
    Oh and I'm upset "Pocketful of sunshine" (the album) isn't on my streaming app, is it the case everywhere in Europe?
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  16. Even though it's been seven years since her last studio album (!!) she's never really been away from the market. Througout this period there has been a lot of songs by other artists featuring her (she's almost an Adult Contemporary Nicki Minaj) and those sporadic one-off single releases like "Hope" or "Let Go".

    By the way, is there a definitive list of ther unreleased leaked songs and the ones she's featured in? Wikipedia's is missing some songs.
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  17. I seem to remember 'Pocket' being huge when I was living in America first time round. It was always on the radio.
  18. In Daniel's case it was because the second album didn't do well and didn't produce a smash single.

    In Natasha's case it seems to largely have been because she started to focus on the US more after "Unwritten" became a hit there, and by the time the Strip Me album came out she was promoting entirely in the US. When Strip Me tanked in the US (and the European release Strip Me Away floundered with no singles and no real promo), she just ended up out of a career altogether.
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  19. I still love Strip Me, the song... It's a shame she never tried to break back into the UK scene with it.
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  20. It's one of my favourite songs by her.
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