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Nathy Peluso - Sana Sana (if you like Rosalia)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by BrokenHearts, Oct 2, 2020.

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    Did anyone else accidentally read this as Nancy Pelosi?
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  3. Amazing, thanks for posting!
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  4. She's gone viral on Twitter as the hip hip hoppa girl dd.
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  5. This is where my sanity just... disappears

  6. PURO VENENO is it.
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  7. Yeeees. Very mixed genres on the album , it’s really good.
  8. The whole album is fire.
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  9. I LOVE when I click on a random thread here, listen to the first video posted and just have my world bowled over! WHAT a performance! Time to dig into the whole album (God what a treat it is to discover a new artist and there's already an album!)
  10. She's amazing. "Buenos Aires" is my favorite song but the whole album is flawless.

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  11. Buenos Aires is on another level, the lyrics are too good. When you live here, it really hits you.
  12. Pretty obsessed with her album art, one of the most striking I've seen in awhile.

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