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NCT (Neo-Culture Technology)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. In my opinion the most promising 'rookie' group in current K-Pop. NCT is SM's most ambitious project yet, featuring an ever-expanding and shifting lineup of members to suit a wide range of musical styles and concepts. The groups' music is usually more on the experimental side, and until now their focus has been mainly on hip hop and R&B (with the exception of NCT Dream).

    Currently there are three units:

    NCT U

    NCT 127

    NCT Dream

    So far I've been a fan of everything they've released. It'll be interesting to see what directions they go in in the future and how SM will manage the various lineups.
  2. Taeyong is a legendary and iconic center.
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  3. Twinks aka Baby Don't Stop deserved better.

  4. I hate that there were so many members I didn't even know he was part of this but I stan now.
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  5. Our K-tastes aligning once more for 2K18.


    Now just vocally rep EXID and we'll be interchangeable.
  6. Mark keeping his "I left the iron on" face across all 3 segments is a mood.
  7. I love him.
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  8. WAIT


  9. Dead at him trying to repeat Taeyong's skrt.
  10. Yes, Jungwoo is the best member of NCT.
  11. Finally, OT9 version of Fire Truck!

    It's from their Japan showcase.
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  12. Chenle is PRECIOUS.
  13. Isn't this like the first NCT performance ever without Mark?
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