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Neighbours Become Good Rates: The Neighbours Girls Rate ELIMINATIONS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Oct 24, 2017.

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    In My Own Time
    AVG: 6.35
    HIGH: 10 (@tylerc904)
    LOW: 3 (@GhettoPrincess)

    @tylerc904 - So simple lyrically and melodically, yet so sweet.
    @Remorque - I never really mind this when it comes on, but when actually listening to it on purpose (which I never really do...) it ultimately sounds kinda boring in the end...

    In His Eyes
    AVG: 6.5
    HIGH: 9.5 (@spillett)
    LOW: 5 (@Conan @DJHazey)

    It's cute that Natalie went all Delta on this track but her soft vocal tone really makes the song a lot more interesting. It could have been much more boring but her vocal delivery really saves the song.

    Harder They Come
    AVG: 6.55
    HIGH: 8.5 (@Conan)
    LOW: 4 (@Mina @Robsolete)

    Another elevator music lite groovy jam from Holly. This kind of seems like a pre-cursor to what is to be expected on State of Mind, with that album achieving whatever this is trying to achieve much better. I don't know why, but I'm imagining Emma Bunton singing this.

    Night of My Life
    AVG: 6.575
    HIGH: 8 (@Mina @DJHazey)
    LOW: 4 (@GhettoPrincess)

    It's a really cute track. Yes, there are some struggle vocals here but Steph's breathy vocals have a decent enough tone to keep this song chugging along.

    The hidden track sounds like some church hymn, though. It's still cute.

    So, I'm kind of going through some personal things right now which may cause me to forget about the forum and the rate. I'm going through some moments where I'm just down and feel like shit and other times I'm just fine. It's honestly a weird time for me where I'm trying to figure out things for school as well as my own personal demons. I'll try to keep this going as fast as I can. I'll probably be doing eliminations really late like I have been doing, though.

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    AVG: 6.575
    HIGH: 8 (@Conan @tylerc904 @spillett @DJHazey)
    LOW: 3 (@Robsolete)

    @Mina - That generic song you hear playing in the background during a rom-com movie montage about getting one's groove on.

    City Ain't Big Enough
    AVG: 6.642
    HIGH: 9 (@Robsolete)
    LOW: 4 (@GhettoPrincess)

    Again, Holly does not have the range. This sounds like a Victoria Beckham reject but it's alright, I guess. Her vocals just seem like a touch better than Jenny Frost. Take that how you want.

    AVG: 6.683
    HIGH: 10 (@JamesJupiter)
    LOW: 4 (@soratami)

    This is a cute little midtempo. Maybe it should have stayed a little bit longer. This was also co-written by Gary Barlow.

    @Remorque - I was already typing up some sentences about how I do like her low-key bops, but that she was testing me with this one, then it came on when I was walking through the snow with the sun shining down and it gave me all the feels I needed... Seaux yeah.

    Cocktails and Parties
    AVG: 6.733
    HIGH: 8.5 (@JamesJupiter)
    LOW: 3 (@Mina)

    I still gave this a 6 but like.. these struggle vocals. Was anyone actually checking how good her voice was when they gave her a record deal? I do really like the production in this song, though.

    @Mina says she sounds so tone-deaf here

    @GhettoPrincess0 I don’t remember this one but it’s rather sublime and smooth.

    Throw It Away
    AVG: 6.758
    HIGH: 10 (@Remorque)
    LOW: 2 (@GhettoPrincess)

    I always liked this one! I love her softer vocals here with the more lively production background.

    It's one of the few songs Delta didn't write. Cathy Dennis, Gary Barlow, and Eliot Kennedy wrote this song.

    @tylerc904 - Sandwhiched among the massive singles probably doesn’t help, but it’s a bit dull in general.
    @GhettoPrincess - God this is painfully boring.
    @Remorque - I've always loved this and was extremely surprised all those years ago when I first got the album at uni, because this was the sort of song I didn't really expect from her... She delivered in the end. I love the violins in the production too.

    Poor Holly and Delta.
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  3. Poor Holly. What songs of hers are still left?
  4. I am liking how this is going so far but none of my commentary has been included so far.
  5. I can handle the Holly eliminations when Delta is losing plenty too.
  6. @Island did you get my commentary? I'm pretty sure I left it for a couple of those songs. No biggie, though!

    Longer is so gorgeous! I'm really shook at how much I love all these albums ddd.
  7. Oh my God @Untouchable Ace I'm so sorry! I know you didn't send it in the first time around so I just forgot to check your PM! Once again, I'm so sorry.

    Out in the Rain
    AVERAGE: 6.833
    HIGH: 9 (@Robsolete)
    LOW: 5 (@spillett)

    @Mina - Good use of layered vocals and studio magic to cover up Steph's voice

    I agree. The chorus definitely has some of that studio magic but she sounds competent. When will Holly Valance?

    AVG: 6.917
    HIGH: 9 (@JamesJupiter @Island)
    LOW: 3 (@GhettoPrincess)

    I mean, it's no Kylie Butterfly or Mariah Butterfly but this is still pretty great. I mean, yes it's the definition of cute but for some reason it makes me really happy to listen to this song. It's so lighthearted and flows really well together. Delta's vocals are so lovely and the delivery really sells the sentiment of the song. I only wish the song builds a little more.

    @Remorque - I don't care what anyone says, but this gives me fucking life whenever I'm in the right mood. It's uplifting and she sounds fabulous, especially on those ad-libs at the end...

    Catch Me If You Can
    AVG: 6.95
    HIGH: 10 (@DJHazey)
    LOW: 4 (@Robsolete @Conan)

    EMMA BUNTON WHO? THE PIPETTES WHERE? I assumed this would be the most polarizing Nat Bass song. It's a cool intro to the album but it's definitely not a good taste of what the album would sound like... not that I wouldn't mind a fun retro-pop album from Natalie. Gimme those Bond themes... or Bond parody themes...

    @Remorque - Okay, so this has grown on me a bit from the first time I ever heard it... Sounds like something the good sis would send in as a submission to a Bond-movie theaux. Kii.

    My Big Mistake
    AVG: 6.991
    HIGH: 10 (@Remorque @Robsolete)
    LOW: 3 (@Mina @soratami)

    I gave this a 7 and looking back, I should have given it an 8. It's a nice mid-tempo piano bop from Delta. Lil bopparoo.

    @Remorque - Low-key swayful bop, anyone?
    @Mina - Awful lyrics

    AVG: 7.058
    HIGH: 9.5 (@JamesJupiter)
    LOW: 3 (@GhettoPrincess)

    This is almost Steph doing a Delta song crossed with some musical theater track but it's a lovely song. Steph might not have the best voice but her airy vocal and the tone of her voice really sell the song.

    @Mina - Minus a point for that awful middle 8

    Errr.. I liked it... even that Superman lyric. It is a bit musical theater tho.
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    Feel the Flow
    AVG: 7.108
    HIGH: 8.5 (@Remorque)
    LOW: 4 (@GhettoPrincess)

    What an atmospheric bop! Yeah it's a bit messy but I like it. The verses are pretty great while the chorus is pretty groovy.

    The middle 8 is a mess, though.

    All I hear is blah blah blah. Inch by inch.

    Someone made a tribute to Queen Janine from EastEnders using this song

    Here's a live performance:

    My name is


    Tuck Your Shirt In
    AVG: 7.167
    HIGH: 10 (@Remorque @tylerc904)
    LOW: 4 (@Mina @Untouchable Ace @GhettoPrincess)

    Another sexy Holly bop with a bit of Eastern flair. For me this is kind of in so bad it's good territory.

    @Mina - I wish the instrumental had drowned out the vocal tbh.
    @GhettoPrincess - This hasn’t aged well, very basic.
    @Untouchable Ace - Eugh
    @Remorque - Leave it to Holly to preach to us about slutting it up, yet keeping it safe over a Missy Elliot backing track. #bless

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  9. That's alright, I'm happy to be apart of it of ot all now. And I can now dread that the tag means my 11 is gone.
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  10. Look at me becoming the rate villain.
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  11. Can we get a list of what's still in before the top 30?
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  12. You are forgiven for everything except for your score for Throw It Away. It should at least have a higher score than your other low scores, it's upbeat.
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  13. Devastated to lose My Big Mistake. That never gets nearly enough love!

    Shame to lose Out in the Rain too, it's a bop.
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    You Should Have Lied
    AVG: 7.267
    HIGH: 10 (@Mina)
    LOW: 4 (@soratami)

    I find it amazing that @Mina gave this a 10, in which she also said "Amazing".

    Suddenly the Fearne Cotton is us!

    Not for You
    AVG: 7.267
    HIGH: 10 (@Robsolete)
    LOW: 5 (@soratami)

    We lose our first single. A little pop-rock song. Whew Miss Bassingthwaighte shows some versatility on this album. Honestly, the chorus reminds me a bit of Our Stephanie McIntosh. The song is a nice little number that starts off pretty mellow until it reaches that fast paced chorus and that somewhat cinematic middle 8. Overall a nice track, but there were better single options on this album.

    @Untouchable Ace - This should Not have been a single.

    I agree.

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  15. I'll get some more up when I wake up. I got home late from hanging out with a friend and completely lost track of time.

    No, I wasn't getting dick.


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  16. These last 2 eliminations please me. Suddenly the rate villain is me.
  17. Not For You was done wrong!
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  18. Feel The Flow, My Big Mistake, Not For You, Tuck Your Shirt In - all bops.
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  19. Shook we are not on page 12 with all these eliminations. @Island, advertise in the Neighbours thread off the back of Izzy returning! :)
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