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Neighbours Become Good Rates: The Neighbours Girls Rate ELIMINATIONS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Oct 24, 2017.

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    AVG: 7.291
    HIGH: 10 (@Robsolete @Untouchable Ace)
    LOW: 5 (@Conan)

    Ddd I gave this a 5.5 and looking back, I probably should have given it a 7. The song is nice but I low key was expecting something better after the amazingness in the similarly titled Supersensual. It's a nice atmospheric vibe and I do like how smooth her voice and the delivery is on this track, especially the little echoes at the end of the chorus.

    @Untouchable Ace - Lovely.

    A Change is Coming
    AVG: 7.425
    HIGH: 10 (@Island @Robsolete)
    LOW: 4 (@Conan)

    Oh this pops off! I know I know.. this is such a cheesy track but I just love the sentiment of it all. The slower verses that builds into the chorus. A Change is Coming indeed! I think this song just reminds me of that feeling of finding love or just that special someone that interests you, in which you think that you're going to have some sort of future with me. This song never fails to make me happy and is probably my favorite Steph song if I'm to be honest. The answer is you.

    This Can't Be Love
    AVG: 7.442
    HIGH: 9 (@Conan @DJHazey)
    LOW: 6 (@Mina)

    Overall a nice song that starts off smooth and lifts into a somewhat euphoric chorus. The chorus kind of lets down the song.. That "loooooove" bit kind of sounds strange like... they couldn't decide what key to sing the chorus in ddd. The middle 8 is a bit painful.. the melody is not pleasant.

    Sink Like a Stone
    AVG: 7.458
    HIGH: 10 (@tylerc904 @JamesJupiter)
    LOW: 4 (@soratami)

    ddd I gave this a 6.5 and I'd probably give this a 7.5 if I were to re-score. Her production is kind of too loud and her vocals seem lost in the mix. Her vocals sound nice and the song has a nice sentiment. Queen of falling for someone. Also, the key change took me by surprise and low key took my wig. So.. sl*y queen.

    @tylerc904 - My favorite Steph song. Criminal to think it has been heard by so few people. Kelly or Ashlee or even Hilary could have done it well, not that Steph doesn’t do a good job. It deserved to be a hit!

    Suddenly you slip in and change everything. Suddenly I hear you breathing. Gimme that subtle sex bop.
  2. Poor Natalie losing all these songs

    Also here's this for Stephanie appreciation:
  3. Superhuman and A Change is Coming shouldn't be out yet. Nope.
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    Turn the Lights On
    AVG: 7.475
    HIGH: 10 (@DJHazey)
    LOW: 5 (@GhettoPrincess)

    A nice rock-tinged ballad. I love her dramatic delivery and her vocals are really showcased here.

    @GhettoPrincess - This is something I’d usually love but those lyrics are so clunky in the chorus it really ruins it for me.

    Love Like This
    AVG: 7.542
    HIGH: 10 (@DJHazey @Untouchable Ace)
    LOW: 4 (@GhettoPrincess)

    The production reminds me of Girls Aloud.. a little cheaper, though. The structure is a bit wonky, though. The song, to me, is kind of a mix of Alive, Someday Soon, and Supersensual. The verses are oddly distorted and the chorus is very.. Natalie. That's a good thing, though. Girl knows how to make a chorus stick out to her strengths.

    @UntouchableAce - This became a quiet anthem for the gays.

    God Only Knows
    AVG: 7.575
    HIGH: 10 (@DJHazey)
    LOW: 3 (@Conan)

    A pop-rock banger that gives Hilary and Ashlee a run for their money.. and she did take their money. She definitely pulls this off much more successfully than they would have. Her vocal tone really suits the pop rock sound she carved for herself.

    If only this was a pop-rock cover of Tina Arena's song of the same title.

    @GhettoPrincess - Gorgeous.

    AVG: 7.7
    HIGH: 10 (@GhettoPrincess)
    LOW: 5.5 (@JamesJupiter)

    This song is a bop but it kind of does too many things at once. It's very Victoria Beckman meets Mis-Teeq. Do I want this? I don't know. I guess I do. At least she can sing better than Victoria and Su-Elise.

    @GhettoPrincess - I always loved this one, that intro and production. YEEEES! BOP ALERT.
    @Untouchable Ace - This was a rediscovery for me one of the best songs on the album.
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  5. Poor @DJHazey is going to need therapy after losing three 10s in one go.
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  6. Get taste!!!

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  7. There are still others that should have gone before that batch.
  8. Australia is canceled.
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  9. Are you planning to continue this rate anytime soon, @Island? It's been close to 3 weeks since the last elimination...

    If you need help, please let us know. I'm happy to pitch in for some guest eliminations if that would be useful.
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  10. Sorry. I kind of forgot about this in the mix of some weird emotions and personal issues.
    Also, I was partying.

    It will resume with 6 eliminations tonight.
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    You Don't Love Me
    AVG: 7.717
    HIGH: 10 (@Robsolete @GhettoPrincess)
    LOW: 4 (@Mina)

    Another pop-rock track. This is kind of a Hilary Duff affair. The vocals on the chorus are meh, but her tone on the verses are alright. I like her breathiness. She sure has the raspiness for pop-rock but she can't really do the scream vocals.

    @Mina - Filler

    @GhettoPrincess - This one really sells itself to me, it’s nothing unfamiliar but I think she sounds sublime and it all comes together really well. A discovery.

    Catching My Breath
    AVG: 7.775
    HIGH: 10 (@Robsolete @DJHazey)
    LOW: 4 (@soratami)

    A lovely song that's not on the USA version on the album. I like the more electronic elements of the production and her vocals actually have a lovely emotional to them. The vocals are alright and the lightness and breathiness suit the song even if she sounds like she does need to... catch her breath.

    Running Away
    AVG: 7.775

    HIGH: 10 (@Robsolete @DJHazey)
    LOW: 5 (@Mina)

    A nice little bop from Delta. It's probably the most interesting song in the second half. Also, it reminds me a lot of Disorientated off of her second album. I guess this could be seen as the first part of that song.

    @Remorque - It's only now I'm realizing how much things actually pick up on this part of the album... This one kinda has an urgent feel to it, which I like. But other than that there's not really much to say, except, you know... bop.

    @UntouchableAce - Could have been the final single at a push.

    @GhettoPrincess - This started out like those dull album tracks but managed to make me enjoy it by the time that chorus kicked in.

    AVG: 7.908
    HIGH: 10 (@Island @tylerc904)
    LOW: 5 (@Mina)

    A total banger. Why couldn't the rest of the album be like this and the singles? Oh well.

    @tylerc904 - What a massive banger! Even though her second album is much more Kylie, this one is a total Kylie anthem. Ah, I see Karen Poole was involved. That queeeeeen!
  12. More later... including a single!
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  13. How dare you eliminate 3 of my 10s?
  14. I'm here to destroy.
  15. Me returning to this rate:
  16. Ddd at me being the low scorer for most of these.
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  17. continuing tonight.
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    Born to Try
    AVG: 7.992
    HIGH: 10 (@Island @tylerc904)
    LOW: 6 (@Conan @DJHazey)

    Delta's signature song and second debut single departs us now. Yes, the song is pretty basic in it's own right. It's slow, it's sweet, it'll give you a cavity. But, I always loved the message in the song. It's uplifting to hear about holding on to your individuality and doing things that you set out to do. Her vocals are beautiful and it's such a strong debut as a vocalist for her. For only being 18, she really showed the world (or Australia and the UK) what she's capable of and she's only been able to prove her worth in the music industry since releasing this song. That final chorus is absolutely everything and she deserved to smash this out of the park in Australia.

    @Remorque - Wonderful song and I've always liked it, but the Disney-ish influences are what keep me from really loving it.

    @Untouchable Ace - I never got this song and it was just a vehicle to promote herself. We were all overexposed.

    Queen of 2003.

    @tylerc904 - A little bit MOR but I love it. It was my second ever Delta track (after hearing In This Life on VH1). That note!!!!

    @GhettoPrincess - One of her better efforts, it’s nice.

    @JamesJupiter - Always found this a little cheesy, but sometimes its just the right amount of cheese

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  19. Wow! I thought "Born To Try" would be top 10 easily.
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