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Neighbours Become Good Rates: The Neighbours Girls Rate ELIMINATIONS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Oct 24, 2017.

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    AVG: 8.083
    HIGH: 10 (@Remorque @Robsolete @Untouchable Ace)
    LOW: 6 (@Mina @soratami)

    Low key this is the most basic banger, but Natalie really sells it. Gimme those atmostphericdancemusic.gif grooves, girl. The song is basically dated to hell and back but it's the vocals and that chorus that really sell the song and totally makes it worth listening to. This was Natalie's proper debut as a solo artist and I think this is a good point to start. She has a great tone in her voice and I love the more understated breathy moments such as in the middle 8. Yeah she strains a bit but the girl can sing. Show everyone you're a dance diva, girl! It's just a feel good party song and who doesn't love those.

    @GhettoPrincess - The chorus slightly lets it down, I was preparing myself for a massive bop and it delivers it in moments but not completely. Still great though.

    @Mina - I'm so confused by this video.

    @Untouchable Ace - This was her chance to be embraced by the nation but she couldn't quite connect.

    Izzy Hoyland still left Australia pressed, shook, and gagged. Talent.

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  2. The next three songs I have to cut hurt so that's gonna wait.
  3. Happy Born To Try didn't actually make top 10. I like it fine but Delta has much better, especially on this album. @Island - Can you do a rundown of what is left when we get to the top 15?
  4. I should have given Born to Try a 10 tbh. Classic song.

    And Alive is a total bop!
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  5. Sad to see Alive go.

    This weekend The Loop (Australian music video show) is having a 30 years of Neighbours special.
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  6. It's been a week...
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  8. I'm starting now

    TOP 15:

    Naughty Girl
    Down Boy
    Kiss Kiss

    Innocent Eyes
    Lost Without You
    Not Me, Not I

    So Do I Say Sorry First

    Why Do I
    Could You Be Loved
    Someday Soon
    1000 Stars
  9. ddd i've been doing the countdown wrong the whole time so move every song 1 place
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    Why Do I
    AVG: 8.1417
    HIGH: 11 (@tylerc904), 10 (@Island)
    LOW: 6 (@Conan @DJHazey)

    Objectively, it would be between this and 1000 Stars as the best song on the album in my opinion. Natalie's soft vocals are so perfectly for these types of songs. I love the atmospheric element she brings to this song, especially in regards to the production. It's the perfect mid-tempo electronic ballad and her vocals are so affecting and convincing. This song is about dealing with the loss of a breakup where you still want the person but you know that they're not coming back to you. One-sided feelings of love are the worst, aren't they? Tell me Why Do I have to eliminate this song right now? I would've loved for this to make the Top 10.

    @tylerc904 - Toyed with giving Supersensual and Kiss Kiss my 11 but this is just so gorgeous. I adore it.
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  11. Amazing song.
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    AVG: 8.175

    HIGH: 10 (@Island @spillett @tylerc904 @Remorque)
    SUSANS: 5 (@Mina @GhettoPrincess @Conan)

    Me to all the 5 givers:

    HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME! What kind of gay extravaganza we got here from Our Natalegend Bassingthwaighte! This song is life, spirit, and purpose in itself! It's sweeter than a cherry pop! Kylie who? And the Made of Glass interpolation? What kind of genius? Only Natalie Bassingthwaighte. This is my anthem. A lifestyle. The meaning of life. It makes me feel supersensual. Oooooooooh.

    Honestly, this song ripped off my wig the first time I heard it. It's my feel good anthem. From the soft vocals of the verses to the yaaaas moment of the chorus and the genius Made of Glass moment. Every song should include that. The "sweeter than a cherry poooooooooooop" bit is kinda funny but who cares. The song is still such an amazing campy moment. It makes my bussy feel supersensual.

    @tylerc904 - What a MASSIVE tune. Like a lost Kylie #1 hit.
    @JamesJupiter - C’mon Blondie!

  13. Thanks to those who gave Supersensual a 10
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  14. I guess we're getting divorced, @Island.
  15. Losing two 9s back to back... Could You Be Loved better make top 10 at least.
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  16. Okay I'm crying a littler over Supersensual now.
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  17. Supersensual really is amazing. I'm surprised I didn't give it a 10 tbh.
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