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Neighbours Become Good Rates: The Neighbours Girls Rate ELIMINATIONS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Oct 24, 2017.

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    Could You Be Loved
    AVG: 8.203
    HIGH: 11 (@Untouchable Ace) 10 (@soratami)
    LOW: 6 (@Mina @Remorque)

    Gimme another atmospheric bop, queen. I love her icy vocals and that chorus is such an ear worm. Upon my first listen to this song, I instantly had the song in my head because the chorus is so commanding. She sounds so mysterious and convincing at the same time. I just love the overall mood of the song and she's perfect at selling these atmospheric icy mid-tempos. Queen.

    @soratami - Honestly this is what I expected the album to sound like before I started listening to it, so I'm glad I wasn't completely wrong

    @UntouchableAce - Tranquil and heart-felt. This is so emotive and beautiful.

    AVG: 8.217
    HIGH: 10 (@tylerc904 @Island @soratami)
    LOW: 3 (@GhettoPrincess)

    I love this song. It's so weird and yeah maybe she's not much of a capable singer to pull this off. Maybe Ashlee could pull it off.. with screechier vocals? Who knows? I do love her softer vocals on the verses and the more scream-y chorus. The lyrics are pretty interesting, as well. The song is a bit disjointed but I think that makes it more interesting.. there's so many structural elements to it. I love it. Queen of using Freud in a song. Mariah who?

    I don't know why it is that you won't say you love me. I don't know what it is. This tightrope's GOT ME.

    @GhettoPrincess - This is so weak. I’m surprised it was a single…. this doesn’t bode well for me listening to the rest of the album.

    I think she ended up liking most of the album in the end.

    @soratami - Bop! Strange this wasn't a single.


    @Remorque - In the hands of the correct producer and singer this could have been a total winner, but she doesn't sound all that good (and during the verses that clunky thing happens when a sentence ends and another already begins), the ending is disappointing and so much more could have happened with that middle 8...

    Not Me, Not I
    AVG: 8.25
    HIGH: 10 (@Conan @tylerc904 @JamesJupiter)
    LOW: 4 (@soratami)

    Oddly, this is the one single off of this album that I can never remember what it sounds like after listening to it. Weird. I do like the chorus, though.

    @GhettoPrincess - I like the chorus.

    @JamesJupiter - Gorgeous. My favourite single from the album and one of her best videos

    @Remorque - A bit high on the drama, but the girl gives us a good performance in the end... I always deemed this not be very single-worthy, but it gave her another top 10 hit, so who am I, I guess...

    @UntouchableAce - i appreciate how delicately she can project her voice at the right times.

  2. @Island's ears buzzing for the convo in the Natalia Kills thread!!!

    What's left in the top 10, boo?
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  3. Kiss Kiss
    Down Boy
    Naughty Girl

    Innocent Eyes
    Lost Without You

    So Do I Say Sorry First

    Someday Soon
    1000 Stars
  4. Okay, pulling for a Lost Without You win!
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  5. Do you still have your 11 left in the running, @berserkboi?
  6. He didn't vote!
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  7. Yep, unfortunately I only know the singles from this lot and didn't really want to go deeper. I apologise but I have been enjoying this rate along the way!
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  8. have u listened to supersensual tho
  9. Aww, I'm sad you didn't vote!

    I feel like we would have agreed more with scores here than in the '90s rate.
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  10. On my list!
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  11. Losing four 9/10s before the top 10... I'm rooting for Kiss Kiss, Naughty Boy and SDISSF now.
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  12. My remaining scores, from low to high:


  13. 4
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  14. Not Me, Not I was a surprise.
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  15. Singlesjustice remains in full effect I see!
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  16. @Island I gave Not Me, Not I a 10 as well!
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  17. What the literal fuck at that Bassingthwaite MASSACRE?

    Also, Not Me, Not I shouldn't have even made it this far, even though I gave it a fairly decent score.
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  18. As long as my 11 keeps slaying, I'm happy.
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    Naughty Girl
    AVG: 8.258
    HIGH: 10 (@Island @Robsolete @Remoruqe @JamesJupiter)
    LOW: 4 (@GhettoPrincess)

    Ahh Naughty Girl. Surprisingly, this is a bit of an odd single choice but it works for her. Her voice is... serviceable here and it's probably the only song of hers where there's some semblance of emotion in her vocals. It's probably my least favorite of the singles on the album but I still really like song because it actually makes Holly seem human for once.


    @GhettoPrincess - I’ve never been a fan of this and I was always surprised it was a single. The title would have you believing it’s a bop but that’s far from the truth.

    @tylerc904 I love how the title gives you the impression this will be a sex jam, but it’s a bit more.

    Holly. Queen of the cock tease.

    @Untouchable Ace - She was trying to be mature and it worked out.

    Live singing on TOTP shocker!

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    Someday Soon
    AVG: 8.5
    HIGH: 10 (@Island @Remorque @Untouchable Ace)
    LOW: 7 (@Mina @Conan @soratami)


    This feel good jam! To be honest, this entire album is pretty much a nice feel good experience. Gimme a nice inspirational electrobop, Queen Bassingthwaighte! The song is about believing anything is possible and to believe in yourself. Someday Soon you're gonna catch that dream you've been chasing! Someday Soon you're gonna write your name in the sky! All you need is just to believe it! You know you're my hero (@Mina) you're gonna be a star tonight!

    But honestly, while this song is a bit basic, her confident vocals and the nice electronic beats in the background make this a pretty lush experience and honestly does give off that feel good effect when I listen to it. Izzy Hoyland might not make anybody feel good about themselves, but Queen Natalie will!

    @Mina - a bit cliched

    Yeah.. but ehh.

    @Untouchable Ace - Hopeful
    @GhettoPrincess - Enjoying this one, a discovery has been made.
    @Remorque - What an fucking uplifting bop is this? I never really gave this a lot of attention, but waiT at it opening up to me on this windy, grey morning when I need all the support I can because today is already TRYING. IT.


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