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Neighbours Become Good Rates: The Neighbours Girls Rate ELIMINATIONS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Not here for Delta to rule the top 5... some of her stuff needs to go next.
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    1000 Stars
    AVG: 8.592
    HIGH: 11 (@Robsolete @JamesJupiter) 10 (@Mina @Island)
    LOW: 5 (@Conan)


    Poor Natalie. She's the first girl out. She honestly didn't deserve this fate (Stephanie did, tbh) but she had a good run. 1000 Stars is the title track and it's about that amazing feeling of love when you first find it. The chorus is absolutely stunning with the way her voice booms and unleashes the passion and that overall feeling of embracing love. Low key I'd love to just have a passionate kiss with a nice boy with the chorus in the background. Overall, the song basically makes me feel all warm, fuzzy, and overall hopeful that one day I'll be able to "spin in the afterglow of love" and feel the rush of the universe around me while basking in that loving feeling. *cries*

    The only thing I don't like about this song is that there was definitely an opportunity for an epic key change but it never happened ddd.

    @Mina - Euphoric. Runner up for my 11.
    @Remorque - Okay, I know I only gave this a 9, but I'm getting all the feels I didn't know I needed today from this one... Uplifting, a good vocal performance,... What's not to love?
    @Untouchable Ace - Great vocal performance.
    @JamesJupiter - A gorgeous power ballad, and even if it does sound like she’s singing “1000 breasts” she certainly sounds great doing it.


  3. 1000 Stars not being top 3 at the very least is absolute BULLSHIT.

    Literally fuck y'all!
  4. Especially after you tried to submit it to PJ00s (and would've gotten my 12 had though been successful).
  5. I genuinely don't think I'll ever forgive the veto panel for that one!!
  6. #myimpact
  7. It hurt me as much as it hurt you, I think.
  8. Blame @londonrain kiii! Although Natalie would be unlikely to pass even without this rate as she is very known around here. I promise to make it up to you and use Voodoo Child in my next rate @Robsolete!
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  9. I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.
  10. So is Imogen Heap but this didn't stop @Oleander getting her through veto!

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  11. Frou Frou Rogue Traders teebs!!
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  12. You're damn right it didn't. I love cheating the system.

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  13. It's alright, I managed to get Bad Romance through veto this round!

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  14. And I got Toxic through by using Britney's alter ego Mona Lisa.

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  15. Devastated about 1000 Stars getting eliminated! What a gorgeous song.

    Of course, @Robsolete gave it an 11- queen of taste!
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    So Do I Say Sorry First
    AVG: 8.65
    HIGH: 10 (@Island @tylerc904 @DJHazey @JamesJupiter @soratami)
    LOW: 5 (@Conan)

    This is my favorite song of the album. Man, this is such a rush to start the album. It's pretty gritty, brash, loud, and it jams really heard. You can tell she had a lot of fun working on this song and I just love the attitude put into the song. Also, Stephanie co-wrote this song! TALENT! I love the shoutiness of the chorus and the rapid fire middle 8 even if it sounds like she's going out of breath (no wonder she couldn't sing this live). Also, this song works great with my relationship with @Mina. Honestly, with a song like this, Ashlee, Hilary, Kelly, and Lindsay can eat their hearts out!

    @Remorque - I was actually ready to tear her to shreds because of some live performances our fabulous host once posted, but lemme quickly take a step back and throw it some points, because that chorus is fabulous. Some of those notes though... Kii.

    We love a chanteuse.

    @Untouchable Ace - This could have been a massive single.

    Shame she ruined that from happening ddd.

    @tylerc904 - I know Mistake is her “classic” but this is my favorite of her singles.

  17. Also, we love talent
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    AVG: 8.791
    HIGH: 10 (@Island @Remorque @Robsolete @Conan @tylerc904 @spillett @Untouchable Ace)
    LOW: 4 (@soratami)

    Here we lose the final single from the iconic Innocent Eyes album. Delta serves attitude and sass here with that pop-rocky chorus about a man who is just like the rest of them. Story of our lives, people. This is probably the most interesting and "hard" Delta has sounded for awhile. Also, the Predictable and Hung Up mash-up from the iconic Mardi Gras Medley needs to be released.

    @Mina - The most pop/rock I remember Delta sounding? Oh wait, more piano...that's much more predictable.

    Queen of predictability.

    @GhettoPrincess - She doesn’t really have the voice to sell this song especially that chorus. Great production and potential though.

    I agree. She doesn't really have enough grit in her voice but she does have the range. Queen of shouting.

    @Untouchable Ace - My favourite from this album I was delighted it was a single and continued her #1 streak.

    Queen of the Australian Charts (2002-2004)

    @Remorque - Tell 'em, girl. Seriously, why wasn't this one of the first songs released off of the album? It shows us a totally different side to her and it's a change because you can actually see some personality here...

    Queen of personality. Adultra who?

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  19. WHAT?? When did we lose Lost Without You??
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  20. I think @Island means it was the final single released from the album.
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