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Neighbours Become Good Rates: The Neighbours Girls Rate ELIMINATIONS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Phew. I had the same reaction as @berserkboi.
  2. Y'all clearly love Delta way too much.
  3. It's not possible to love Delta too much.
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  4. I thought I was in the RuPaul thread for a second and thought Who The Hell loves Delta Work??
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  5. Scripture.
  6. Are we getting another elimination soon, @Island?
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  7. When I get home.
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  8. #6
    Kiss Kiss
    AVG: 8.792
    HIGH: 10 (@Island @Robsolete @Remorque @tylerc904 @Untouchable Ace @soratami @GhettoPrincess)
    LOW: 2 (@Mina)


    And we say goodbye to the iconic Kiss Kiss. This is Holly's first single and what a debut it was. This is the perfect way to introduce Holly to the music scene. She showed off her sex appeal through the vocals and the visuals. The performances were hot and so was she. What a promising start to her career. I genuinely do like this song in all of it's kinda trashy glory. The song is just meant to be a fun, sexy song to get your groove on, especially on a good night out. It wasn't meant to be anything else but a fun clubby song, which is what it is. Holly definitely sold the song through her.. Eastern culture inspired performances. She only sang the song fully live once.. which is more than enough. At least her Naughty Girl live performance was actually half decent. Low key, I would lose my shit if I heart Kiss Kiss on a night out. You bet my hips would be moving on that dance floor.


    @GhettoPrincess - That production, the mwah, the music video, the robotic voice, everything. It was really a pop moment at the time.

    @soratami - A total classic

    @JamesJupiter - I remember taping this off the radio, because I could barely wait for the single release. The video is kinda iconic, too.

    @Untouchable Ace - What debut, so sultry.

    @tylerc904 - A classic. It was in Amanda Bynes’ What a Girl Wants wasn’t it? Amazing bop for the ages.

    @Remorque - I stanned Tarkan's version back in the day (I was 15, SUE ME!) and I was a big fan of Holly's version. It was clear from the get-go that her voice wasn't all that, yet she still delivered us a delicious bop with ditto video.

    @Mina - I miss "Desire."

    I love Geri Halliwell.

    save the best for last

    Thank God this video was uploaded in better quality a week ago.
  9. For some reason, I can't find her other two Top of the Pops performances on YouTube anymore.

    Here's some more:

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  10. Did these two tie?
  11. Yup!

  12. Because this is an 11/10 and nothing from Holly's first album lived up to it:

    Is Holly out now?
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  13. Down Boy is still in no?
  14. Shouldn't they both be #5 and not #6 then ddd
  15. How could y'all do such an all time classic wrong like this?
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  16. The Tarkan version (Simarik) is great and I knew it pretty well by the time I heard Kiss Kiss, but at no point would I have ever given this a 2. The underlying riff alone is at least a 7.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. But where were your scores for this rate, then?

  19. Now that we've all gotten over Kiss Kiss leaving (easier for some of us than others), when's the real #5 leaving us, @Island?
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